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Great White & more at Diversamente Rock 2016, Live Edition from Milan, Italy

Live Report by:  Valeria Campagnale

Photos by: Omar Bonafede



Fourth edition of DIVERSAMENTE ROCK presented by Rocker Sound Agency, this year has brought two major international names, Great White, headlining, and Chris Holmes, plus Italian bands who have enriched the day, began performing in the afternoon under a blazing sun.

The “La Bressanella” park of Cusano Milanino, were full of rockers ready to enjoy this explosion of music, just like me, together with my close co-worker and friend of concerts, Eugenio Guarnieri directly from Rome for Chris Holmes, the photographer Omar Bonafede , aka Noxy (Roadless guitarist) who created fantastic shots of the event.

Jarvis, Award winner as Best MTV New Generation Artist 2016, offer a sound between indie and alternative rock that they have called Math Pop.

Nice cover of ” Mr. Robinson “by Simon & Garfunkel




Space Mama

280 To 10

Badabap The Parrot


Robinson (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

Joker & The Thief

Plot Twist

Anguish Force from Bolzano with metal songs very well set presented with references of 80’s. Engraved definitely the voice of frontman Kinnall that in addition to roar on stage , has incited a relatively quiet public reactions due to too hot, certainly not to their energy and musical talent .



The Bermuda’s Triangle

11th September / Maiden Of Iron

Guitar Solo / Evilheart

Heroes Of Metal

Cause Of Death

Friends Cream Pie , which as everyone knows, I love so much, have proposed their heavy glam, always played with passion and self- enjoyment. Rachel O ‘ Neill who with his screamer voice held court throughout their gig, wowed the audience filling them with his verve, while the drummer Kiki, who with his musical prowess, has largely kept pace with the band, found ways into hearts of many boys. Very good, as always.



Downtown Pirates

Long Leader



Givin’ Up

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Zip It

(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party ) (Beastie Boys)

Danger Zone led by singer James Gigantelli have interpreted a hard rock of 80’s memory and as always, those years never leave us. A band very talented, gritty and professional.


Turn It Up

I Love Crazy

All For You

I’m All In

Go! Closer To Heaven

I To I




Line Of Fire

Dobermann Three raw and fiery rockers that do not stop for a moment.

Their every song is a whip , each sung is a real ” growl “, very good, a very scathing and aggressive musicianship, without the risk of being sucked into the vortex of the many groups out there. The trio from Turin can distinguish themselves with sound and energy. Absolutely talented.


Setlist :

War Thunder

You Talk It You Walk It

I Need A Holiday

Taking In The Out Takes

Pure Breed

When The Asphalt Shouts


Rustless , the group formed by Stefano Tessarin, Lio Mascheroni, Roger Zanolini, Zari Roberto and Emanuele Panza brought their heavy hard rock played with mastery and virtuosity of their musical and scenic experience, that they have shown throughout their career.

Full of concerts sharing stages with big names of the international scene as Motorhead, Twisted Sister, Rod Stewart, just to name a few.

The singer, Roberto Zari, brought me to the sounds sung of Bruce Dickinson, while the music, played perfectly at high artistic levels.

 Setlist :

1. Intro

2. Too Young To Die ( Vanadium )

3. Silent Scream

4. Remember Your Name

5. I Was Born To Rock ( Vanadium )

6. Easy Way To Love ( Vanadium )

7. No Frontiers

8. Streets Of Danger ( Vanadium )


Chris Holmes Mean Man

Holmes is like Thor, wielding his guitar and hammering.

What to say about him, a real rocker, real ones, no frills, nothing poses a real person who loves what he does, devoting himself body and soul to his work. In my opinion he was the true protagonist of the entire day, without detracting from the other bands.

Expressing all his artistic potential, his talent and his voice roaring, like a caged animal, as if the stage itself was not enough for him. He has so much to give to music even now.

The members of the group, Thomas Cesario, Pascal Bei and Folkert Beukers, have stood up to Holmes, merging into a single amalgam to be able to create together an aggressive sound of the highest level. The only flaw, not due to him, was the time at his disposal, too little.

CH.02 CH.0 (1)


1. Shitting Bricks

2. Get With It

3. Let It Roar


5. o.v.e. Machine (Wasp)

6. They All Lie And Cheat

7. Born, Work, Die

8. Wild Child (Wasp)

9. Animal (I Fuck Like A Beast) (Wasp)

10. Sleeping (In The Fire) (Wasp)

11. Rockin ‘In The Free World (Neil Young)


Great White

The Headliners of the evening come on stage on the theme of “Jaws” music and they are greeted by a standing ovation.

Great White, after Chris Holmes’s gig, look in my eyes, a peaceful group of pleasant musicians. Sorry to say but seeing them for the first time live, I expected something more grand and listening to them, I can safely say that the Italian bands that have taken place throughout the afternoon, have absolutely nothing to envy to the Great White.

Terry Ilous has a great voice, and all the members of the band are really good but they lacked something, a touch of originality and exuberance that normally characterizes the rock bands.



1. (I’ve Got) Something For You

2. Desert Moon

3. Step On You

4. Lady Red Light

5. Face The Day (The Angels)

6. All Over Now

7. House Of Broken Love

8. Save Your Love

9. Mista Bone

10. Big Goodbye

11. Can not Shake It (The Angels)

12. Rock Me

13. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter)

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