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Photo Gallery Highlights Brutal Assault 2016, Friday and Saturday, August 12th and 13th.

© Olga Kuzmenko

Photos by Olga Kuzmenko


This year hits a new milestone for Myglobalmind, as a respectable and worldwide leader in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, is our belief that we can extend our coverage to places we have never been before to bring YOU the reader a new angle, a new stream of just how much we love the music we cover. I am very proud to announce yet another global reach for our online magazine, as we had the pleasure to cover our universal Metal religion, in the Czech Republic at Fortress Josefov an 18th century military landmark and featuring one of the best Extreme Metal line ups we have seen all year at any festival.

As you maybe know, this site is in the center of Old Army Fortress. There is an unbelievable number of military-history monuments on each continent. Even more of them survived on beautiful designs, paintings and engravings which are kept in archives and museums. However, not only experts and admirers like the well maintained walls, green moat areas, interesting constructive details and magic sites of underground forts. Fort Josefov offers a lot of those to visitors.

Another successful round of coverage from our all star team of writer and photographer Al and Olga. once again proving that Metal holds no boundaries, and no wall can’t keep the passion of Heavy Metal from spreading across the globe. All Metal lovers unite, and check out this photo gallery preview of our Brutal Assault coverage for 2016 for Friday and Saturday, August 12th and 13th., and stay tune for a complete live gig report later.


Friday August 12th

Saturday August 13th

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Legendary Annual Czech Metal Open Air With Unique Festival Site Located At Historic Fortress!

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