JoanOvArc The Black Heart, Camden 9 November 2016

If you hadn't purchased the album after that evening you need your music radar checking for malfunctions....

If you don’t know them yet… you should. Live on stage to celebrate the release of their debut album, JoanOvArc bring all the class and sass we’ve come to expect from their excellent live shows. With some miles now under their belt and many stages trodden, the young four piece have the opportunity to take the UK by storm.

Live review and pics: Kalli Isborne


Newcomers to the scene Auxesis kicked the night off with their five-song set. The Brighton based four piece brought their brand of post hardcore tech grunge to The Black Heart, for what turns out to be only their third ever gig. if I hadn’t had been told this titbit I would have happily assumed they had been gigging together for a good while. Lead Singer Mel Sanson worked the small crowd with such an authority more experienced frontmen would have been jealous of her. Their set was not perfect, mainly due to a couple of sound hitches, but for a new inexperienced band they most definitely rocked the room. Auxesis were clearly well rehearsed and had a professional air about them. With some tight guitar work from both Mel Sanson and Jack Rowen, ably accompanied by Danny Knowles on bass and a multi-tasking drummer come vocalist in Alec Greaves, these guys knew what they were doing on stage. Auxesis are one band to keep an eye on.

 Set List

Sea of hearts
Wilted Star
Land for Trees
Rebels or lost souls


JoanOvArc appear on stage to give us what we came for, their new album release show. Opening with a bang, Live Rock and Roll gets everybody in the room moving. The ladies are clearly up for this evening, bringing energy that must only come from copious amounts of energy drink. Lead singer Sam Walker s vocals were on top form, as was her bass playing, although a quick change of bass was required before the ladies could fully get into the swing of the set. Album opening and title track Ride of your Life was next up, and new bass in hand Sam was able to show off her vocal range. lead guitarist Shelley Walker took every opportunity she could throughout the set to take to the front of the stage on the riser to show off her shredding skills. The next few songs flashed by in a blink of an eye, each one performed as well as the previous, and before long the ladies were welcoming on stage the first of their three special guests. Actor John Altman (better known as Nick Cotton in EastEnders) took to the stage to guest vocal for JoanOvArc’s cover of Iggy Pop’s Wild One. although an enjoyable cover which everybody in the room seemed to enjoy and appreciated it was a welcome return to Sams vocals for the break up song 5 years. More songs from the album followed, including Sisters, a tribute to each other and a departed friend. Our second guest vocalist Adam Barron was soon on stage. Aptly Adam was helping the girls with the vocals for The Beatles classic Help from my Friends, and you can hear why, what a voice, good job Adam and Sam are not in a vocal battle, Adam would win. Next up is Bad Company’s Dave Bucket Cowell to play guitar on Led Zeppelin’s Rock N Roll, before JoanOvArc’s rhythm guitarist Laura Ozholl takes lead vocal duty for possibly one of the best covers of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird I have ever heard. This was no radio edit of the song, this was the full works, extended guitar solos, microphone accidents and general great showmanship.

This should have been the final song of the night, but neither the band nor the audience wanted to finish the evening, and with one audience member shouting that they missed the opening song, the ladies duly obliged by ending the evenings set as it started. If you hadn’t purchased the album after that evening you need your music radar checking for malfunctions. JoanOvArc have something about them that just shouts musical talent, and don’t let the fact that this is an all-girl band, these ladies know how to rock n roll.

Live Rock N Roll
Ride of your Life
Dragon in the Sky
Seeds of Summer
White Trash
Running Away
Wild One
5 Years
Going Down
Peace of mind
Help from my friends
Rock N Ro
Free Bird
Live Rock N Roll

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