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Enuff Z’Nuff live at Dedolor – Rovellasca, Italy on April 14th, 2017


Words by Valeria Campagnale

Photos by: Barbara Castellazzi


A hard rock night at Dedolor in Vertemate (Co), for one of the three shows in Italy for Enuff Z’Nuff.

For the new tour, Enuff Z’Nuff touched our Country as well, three dates that have seen the protagonists on April 14 to Dedolor of Rovellasca (CO) as the first concert and to follow in Collegno (TO) and Padua.

Joining them for this tour, Venrez, Alternative Rock American group lead by Steven Berez.

Opening the evening, Cream Pie, with their usual positive enthusiasm that in addition to the pieces already known, the band presented new songs from their latest album “No Secrets” published on 11th March, from which they featured their first single “Downtown Pirates” and video.

Lead singer Rachel O’Neil’s kept the performance infused with laughs and glamor, as usual, Daryo Cea on bass and Kiki on drums, have kept the rhythm all the time never giving a dull moment and guitarists Nikki Dick and Phantom, have outdone themselves. Once again they have proven to be a group that deserves the success it should have in the greatest way.

These guys are absolutely one of my favorite bands ever on the Italian Hard, Street, Sleaze Rock / Metal scene.

Downtown Pirates
It’s Gonna Be Ok
Fight For Your Right (Beasty Boys cover)

It’s the turn of the Piedmont group Nastyville, which has in their music activity their first album “Viva Hell-A” and they’re currently working on the second album for Volcano Records & Promotion they’re signed a contract with.

Nastyville has proposed their Modern Glam with their usually emotional way. With their preparation and absolute determination on stage for this group, Mark, with his screamer’s voice, David and Manuel’s passion on guitar, the rhythm of Danny Boy on drums and Fabian at the bass, make their show an energy gig in spite of the short setlist, due to time constraints. Unfortunately, due to technical problems at David’s guitar, ruined only partly of their performance, those who know the band knows how great are their live and the attention they deserve.

Can’t Stop The Nite
Hollywood Boy
I Can’t Stand You Ego
American Dead


It’s time for American band Venrez, with their catchy music, have blended perfectly with the evening after the two opening bands, also providing the listener with different musicality, much heavier up until now.

Their performance complements its rich technical experience and skill of all components. A magnetic band with a catalyst and charismatic frontman Steven Berez that caught all my attention for his voice and way to act on stage. Great musicians that included Jason Womack, ex Juliette and the Licks, and great songs,

It’s such a pity that most of the audience was outside meanwhile they are playing just in the middle of their gig; didn’t seem like the crowed was familiar with their music or people don’t understand the value of this band.

Children Of The Drones
Ants & Sand
Erase The Years
Sell The Lie
Yesterday Has Gone
Hang The Predator

It’s finally time for Enuff Z’Nuff. Chip looks in good shape, big smile, pink glasses, glitter hat and bass with colored strings. Everything starts with the song “Baby Loves You” and for me, it’s a dive into the past. Next up is “Kiss The Clown” with its winking vitality, I find myself with Rachel O’Neil singing each song out loud. Talented members are accompanying Chip, the only original member of the band, Tory Stoffregen on lead guitar, Tony Fennell second guitarist and ex Ultravox member and Daniel B. Hill on drums. A few more tracks come our way via “Heaven Or Hell” and “In The Groove” to pay a proper tribute to David Bowie with the song “The Jean Genie”, a very successful cover where Steven Berez takes the stage to sing along with Chip this wonderful song. I’ve appreciated it, just a few artists are able to involve me emotionally, Bowie was one of them, Chip continues to be.

The subsequent tracks fly faster: “Right by Your Side”, “Fly High” and the evergreen “New Thing” to arrive to “Dog Of A Bone”, which is part of their new album “Clowns Lounge”, a song very fresh and appealing with it’s musical undertones. Yes, Enuff Z’Nuff are still alive and kicking.

The Inevitable encore crept up in no time, after recalling the band on stage, the guy’s returns for “The World Is A Gutter”.

A beautiful show, the emotions follow one another for this group I have always loved and with whom I grew up following their every album. Too bad for the lack of public, perhaps Enuff Z’Nuff has been an underrated group a long time, while they deserved more attention to the music they created.

A very personal thanks to Chip, a very nice and friendly guy I was able to converse with and realized a dream of my twenty years. Tony Fennell and all Enuff Z’Nuff, Steven Berez and their tour manager Alex Kane.

Professionals are people like them who interact with fans and create a brilliant relationship that every musician should have with the people who love them.

Baby Loves You
Kiss The Clown
Heaven Or Hell
In The Groove
The Jean Genie (Bowie cover)
Right by Your Side
Fly High
New Thing
Dog On A Bone
World Is A Gutter

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