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Eternal Black – Bleed The Days Review

Released by: Eternal Black
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Genre: Doom Metal




Guitar/ Vocals: Ken Wohlrob
Bass: Hal Miller
Drums: Joe Wood



1. The Lost, The Forgotten, And The Undying
2. Snake Oil And Coffin Nails
3. Sea Of Graves
4. Into Nothing
5. Stained Eyes On A Setting Sun
6. Bleed The Days
7. All Gods Fail


This Brooklyn, NY doom band just released it’s first full-length album back in August, and it’s an excellent offering. Forming in 2015, they had an EP in 2015 (self-titled) and a live release in early 2017 (Live At WMFU), before giving the doom metal fans ‘Bleed The Days’. This record is full of heavy riffs, doomy pounding drums, killer bass lines and fuzz beyond belief! As fans of this music, we were ready to give this one a listen and it didn’t take long to win us over.

Starting off with ‘The Lost, The Forgotten, And The Undying’, you can tell right away that this was one of those low tuned, slow sounding, fuzz fests that all doom fans love. The first song sets the tone for the rest of an album, and this one is perfect to kick it off. It puts you in the right mindset for everything that follows. The vocals are somewhat growly, almost Lemmy-ish so to speak, and they work great. Complimented by some great guitar solos throughout the album.

‘Snake Oil And Coffin Nails’ has a killer riff that gets stuck bouncing around in your head. And the song ‘Sea Of Graves’ quickly becomes one of the favorites of the album. We love the kick-ass riffs that these guys have on this record. A slow interlude in the middle of the album is next in the song ‘Into Nothing’. Which slows down the heavy riffage that punishes your ears, but just for a few minutes.

The next couple songs, ‘Stained Eyes On A Setting Sun’ and the title tune ‘Bleed The Days’, combine all the requirements you need for a great doom metal album. The guitar sound they have is awesome. The fuzz fills your ears and resonates through your head long after you hear it. By the time the 10-minute song ‘All Gods Fail’ finish this album up, you really just find yourself looking for more from this band.

With the seven songs, you get about 45 minutes of heavy, hard pounding, fuzz-filled, riff-filled, headbanging doom and gloom. It doesn’t get much better than all that stuff rolled into one album, and Eternal Black delivers it quite well. ‘Bleed The Days’ is a highly recommended release for any fan of the genre.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 9/10


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