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Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice for None review

Released by: Eleven Seven Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release date: 18 May 2018

Line up:

Ivan Moody – vocals
Zoltan Bathory – guitar
Jeremy Spencer – drums
Jason Hook – guitar
Chris Kael – bass


  1. Fake
  2. Top Of The World
  3. Sham Pain
  4. Blue On Black
  5. Fire In The Hole
  6. I Refuse
  7. It Doesn’t Matter
  8. When The Seasons Change
  9. Stuck In My Ways
  10. Rock Bottom
  11. Gone Away
  12. Bloody
  13. Will The Sun Ever Rise

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

That was going to be my whole review, but the editor demanded more words, so let me expand.

The album opens with three songs that will just blast you across the room. This album needs to be played loud and proud. The album open with Fake, a guitar thrashing, headbanging track that gets you up and shouting within the first chorus. Top of the world continues with the anthemic angry theme that flows through this album. As the band say themselves “If there is no common ground – then in the end everyone loses, so there is justice for none…” This album is FFDP’s reflection of the world in its current state. Sham Pain is an insight into having everything you wanted, and the pain it can bring. Again, another shout along soon to be fan favourite and also the first single to be released off the album. Expect this to be sung loud at any upcoming FFDP show.

The tempo is slowed for FFDP’s cover of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Blue on Black, before picking back up with Fire In the Hole.

I Refuse is the track that gave me Goosebumps. A melodic, acoustic, stripped down, raw emotional track that almost anybody can relate to. ‘Please wake me up when it’s all over….’ Is how I feel most days, although that’s usually on the commute to work.

The Offsprings Gone Away also makes an appearance on this album as a cover, and it’s a haunting version that has an epic guitar solo. Bloody explores the breakdown of relationships, and their complexities.

I have not found a bad track on this album, and FFDP have created yet another album that reflects their type of music, one that their fans love. There is no need for FFDP to try a ‘different’ direction when they can keep songs of the quality that are on this album coming.

And the reason this review is out after the release date… I was too busy listening to it on repeat about a zillion times.

Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

SCORE: 10/10

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