Live Gig

Jizzy Pearl Love/Hate + Doomsday Outlaw + Emperors Of The Wasteland at The Underworld, Camden Sunday 13th May 2018

Live Gig Report and Photos: Kalli Isborne


Ahh The Underworld in summer, the underbelly of Camden town where rockers go to Rock, and metalheads go to headbang. The warm depths of the venue scented with the sweet stench of beer and sweat, oh for the want of some decent air conditioning and maybe an industrial size can of air freshener.

But enough about the venue for tonight’s gig and let’s get to the good bit, the bands.

Opening the evening to a disappointingly sized crowd of 26 people (yes, I counted), were Emperors Of The Wasteland. The quartet from Derby deserved more from the Underworld, however, the early start and the nice weather limited the crowd size. Formed in 2016 you would never have realised that these guys are relatively new, having yet to release the first album they put on a short highly energized set which could have done with being a tad longer, or maybe a bit later than the 7 pm start to allow more of The Underworld audience that would later pack the venue, to discover these guys.

Next on stage were up and coming future stars Doomsday Outlaw. Also from the dark corners of the East Midlands, (they must be putting something in that Derby water) they opened their set with Over and Over from their new album Hard Times. In fact over half of their seven-song set was from their new album. These guys are taking the opportunity to get themselves out to some new fans. Musically they were tight, however, it was obvious that lead vocalist Phil was struggling slightly, and this was explained when he openly admitted that this was their fifth night in a row. I would like to see these guys at full strength if the show tonight was anything to go by they can only head to the top.

And now for the act, you have been waiting for, well definitely what The Underworld crowd were waiting for. Having started the night with an audience of 26, The Underworld audience had now swelled and were eagerly anticipating the arrival of Jizzy Pearl. It was clear that there were some die-hard Jizzy fans here tonight, some who would not have been born when the rocker started way back in the eighties.

The 60-year-old rocker emerged onto the stage and The Underworld erupted into cheers for him. Jizzy wasn’t hanging about though and got straight onto the business at hand, playing tune after rocking tune. The Underworld audience were lapping up every note that Jizzy sang. This man has energy and eludes charisma that many a younger frontman would be envious of. The seventeen-song set flew by, with Jizzy taking the opportunity to talk to the crowd when he wanted to, but not for long as to bore them with pointless rambling. The years of experience showed through in this, with the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.

Having seen the set list and the number of songs included on it, I was half expecting to have to leave before the end of Jizzy Pearls set, after all, it was a Sunday night and the trains out of London don’t run late. I was pleasantly surprised when at bang on 10 pm Jizzy announced that the set was practically over, except for a couple of songs. There was no going off stage and leaving the audience shouting for an encore, nope, Jizzy acknowledges that his ego does not require this and instead just get straight down to the singing.

Throughout his set, Jizzy was able to strut across the stage, maintaining a strong vocal performance that would have many vocalists asking how he does it, but I don’t care, he was great on the night and provided a thoroughly enjoyable show. Next time he is in the UK make sure you go and see Jizzy Pearl, I highly doubt you will be disappointed.


Set List

High for An Eye
Yucca Ma
Fuel To Run
Spinning Wheel
Mary Jane
Don’t Fuck With Me
Miss me When I’m Gone
She’s an Angel
Straight Jacket
Evil Twin
All You Need

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