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Skeletonwitch – Devouring Radiant Light Review

Released by: Prosthetic Records

Release date: Out Now!

Genre: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal



Line up:

Nate Garnette – guitar

Scott Hedrick – guitar

Evan Linger – bass

Adam Clemans – vocals



Fen of Shadows

When Paradise Fades

Temple of the Sun

Devouring Radiant Light

The Luminous Sky

The Vault

Carnarium Eternal

Sacred Soil


Life evolves, and so do bands. Whether you crave for that Beyond the Permafrost or Serpents Unleashed feeling, sometimes, you have to look past it and realize; time has allotted itself for Skeletonwitch to expand their creative endeavors as well as welcoming Adam Clemans on board, who joined the group back in 2016. Arguably, Skeletonwitch’s Devouring Radiant Light, which arrived on July 20th via Prosthetic Records, could be one of the best albums of 2018, or close to the mark as these melodic death/ thrash metallers presented a black-metal-esque ambiance that you cannot escape from hearing.

Let’s start at the beginning with “Fen of Shadows.” It kicks off with a dark atmospheric style as the instrumentals slowly fade into place. There’s a handful of different melodies to explore, as the track has a decent blend between chaotic and progressive arrangements. Moving forward with “When Paradise Fades,” it opens with a strong guitar riff as it continues to move towards another catchy and yet, flawless tune mysteriously. The pace changes slightly with “Temple of the Sun,” as it has a slow and sludgy introduction. This doesn’t last long, as it turns into a fast-paced melodic track with blast beats as well as dark and heavy riffs.

The style changes once again with the title track, “Devouring Radiant Light,” as it opens with an acoustic-sounding riff. However, after the former three chaotic tracks this “break,” is warranted. The rest stop doesn’t last long as it erupts into another blistering tune. The atmospheric undertones continue with “The Luminous Sky,” as this emotive introduction could be the climactic moment of the entire album. It is another fast-paced track as everything melodically moves into a world of uncontrollable madness. This leads towards the longest song of the album with “The Vault.” It starts with an extended progressive introduction as the melody continues to unravel guiding the listener towards a metaphorical disarray condition.

After hearing 9 minutes of mesmerizing bliss, “Carnarium Eternal,” enters in a way that gives no room for reflection. It’s heavy, fast, aggressive, and the shortest track of the LP. However, you realize this song is needed, and there are no filler tunes up to this point. The album concludes with the distorted track “Sacred Soil.” As the fluttering guitar riff explodes, the drums clutter the beats with a disorganized uproar, making it an explosive way to conclude the album.

Skeletonwitch’s Devouring Radiant Light should easily attract the listener. It showcases their matured exploration as their music continues to evolve.


Written By: Zenae D. Zukowski

Rating: 9/10


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