Live Gig Photos

Pig Destroyer, Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, November 4th 2018

Pics: © Olga Kuzmenko Photography

Formed more than two decades ago in Virginia, grindcore maniacs Pig Destroyer have become one of the most well-known bands in their genre. Founding members J.R. Hayes (vocals) and Scott Hull (guitars, ex-Anal Cunt) have been the solid foundation of the band as it slowly grew from a three-piece to the five-piece it is today, overseeing a steady cadence of studio recordings. One might expect an extensive tour in support of their recently released sixth studio album Head Cage, but shows are few and far between, and Irish fans are fortunate to finally experience the mayhem first-hand.


A capacity crowd fill the Voodoo lounge for this debut sweaty performance in Dublin, and bear witness to a setlist of no less than twenty tracks reaching back as far as sophomore album Prowler in the Yard, released in 2001. Of course, the new record is well represented with tracks like opener ‘Dark Train’, ‘Army of Cops’, ‘Terminal Itch’ and ‘The Torture Fields’, but there are plenty of older tracks for the long-time fans in the house as well.

As expected from any grindcore show, energy levels are insane, both onstage and off, and the band seem to be genuinely enjoying the experience in the intimate venue. Based on the turnout and reception, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect to see Pig Destroyer in Ireland again on their next visit to Europe.



Dark Train



The American’s Head


The Bug

Rotten Yellow


Army of Cops

Terminal Itch

The Torture Fields

Pretty in Casts



Naked Trees

Cheerleader Corpses

Scatology Homework

Trojan Whore


Piss Angel

Tell Us How You Feel