Mike Ross Band Releases -‘Love The One You’re With’


Oh Man, it has really been a busy year! Beginning back in January with an appearance on the Introducing Stage at The Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Skegness (where we ‘won Friday’ and secured ourselves a main stage slot for the 2019 Festival) it really feels like my feet haven’t touched the ground since! Refecting back on this years touring in Russia, Spain & the UK, the recording of a new album in Nashville  and two  new albums in England plus the birth of RHR (Redfern, Hutchinson & Ross) and the success of our chart topping debut record ‘Mahogany Drift’ – maybe they haven’t! With only a couple of weeks left of this year there’s still time to squeeze in just one last thing…………

At the studio sessions which gave us RHR‘s Mahogany Drift (as well as a whole albums worth of new tracks for a future ‘Mike Ross Band’ release) I laid down a version of the Stephen Stills classic ‘Love the One You’re With’ – a regular feature of Mike Ross Band live shows and one that we’d had such fun playing on the MRB‘s Spanish tour (which we returned from just days before heading into the studio) that we couldn’t wait to capture it on tape. MRB/RHR drummer Darren Lee’s unique take on the rhythm combined with bassist Ricky Kinrade’s funky four string groove gave us the perfect bedrock to layer an intricate set of harmony guitars and vocals – combining the acoustic gospel soul of the original Stills recording with the driving southern rock twin guitar approach of the Allman Brothers or Blackberry Smoke. Add half a pound of fatback Hammond Organ courtesy of Stevie Watts plus a generous dash of the incredible Lorna Fothergill (Northsyde) on backing vocals and I believe we’ve created the perfect track to wave goodbye to 2018 with – the most successful year of my career to date.

The track will release digitally worldwide on Friday 14th December (via Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube & Amazon) and there will be an accompanying animated video by independent Brighton video maker Rupert Murrell – a beautiful mélange of meditative mandalas and other unique imagery inspired by the songs lyrics.

And the Nashville record? Well, that’s a story to tell in 2019……

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Mike Ross: Vocals, Electric &Acoustic Guitars, Percussion

Lorna Fothergill : Vocals

Ricky Kinrade: Bass Guitar

Stevie Watts: Hammond Organ

Darren Lee:Drums

Engineered & Produced by Al Scott &Mike Ross

Recorded 31st May 2018 @ Electric Studios, Brighton & Hove with additional recording at Tonecan Studios, Brighton & Hove

Mixed by Al Scott

Releases on Taller Records 14th December 2018

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