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Kill The Light Reveal new track ‘Watch You Fall’

After launching their new band last month to great fanfare, KILL THE LIGHTS have shared a second new track, titled ‘Watch You Fall’.

Featuring drummer Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas [ex-Bullet For My Valentine], singer James Clark [Throw The Fight], guitarists Jordan Whelan [Still Remains] and Travis Montgomery [Threat Signal], and bassist Davey Richmond [Glamour Of The Kill], Kill The Lights merge contemporary metal with very classic British influences.

“‘Watch You Fall’ is about learning to cut toxic people out of your life that breed negativity and think only of themselves,” explains vocalist James Clark. “It’s about standing back and watching karma do its job and seeing those people get what they deserve. In life you reap what you sow.”

View ‘Watch You Fall’ below:

On their launch, the band unveiled debut song ‘The Faceless’, recorded in Blackpool with esteemed producer and mixer Colin Richardson [Slipknot, Trivium, Machine Head]. Directed by Video Ink, watch ‘The Faceless’ video below:

Kill The Lights are a tornado of neck-snapping rhythms and skyscraper chorus hooks, determined to make 2019 their own.


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