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Mgla, The Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, June 14th 2019

Words: Mo Sheerin

Live Photos : Olga Kuzmenko

© Olga Kuzmenko

If anyone attended the Voodoo Lounge on Friday night they’d have experienced the darkest and gloomiest gig this year has had to offer for fans of Blackened metal.

With Eternal Helcaraxe (Cavan, Ireland) and Molekh (Dublin) introducing the night with vicious and ethereal riffs, Dublin was veered into a pit of utmost melancholy.

The headliners, Mgła, hailing from Poland, managed to coax members of all areas of the metal community to a display of sublime black metal and dreary progressions which was complemented by the surreal talent of Maciej Kowalskis (drummer) behind the kit throughout the night as they delivered an animalistic performance and captivated every punter who managed to defy the ever (un)reliable weather of Dublin’s fair city.

The Poles began the night with a barrage of tracks from the ever famous (and still most recent) album Exercise in Futility which is already almost four years old. They then progressed through the night, continuously building tension and atmosphere, featuring tracks from With Hearts Toward None and once again did not fault in their endeavour to impress the Irish crowd with tracks that would certainly have heads banging, feet stomping and in some cases, crowds-a-surfing. They closed the night with two more tracks (Vl and V respectively) from Excercise in Futility, which is enough to please any hardcore fan of classic Black metal.

The venue was provided with absolute raw and catatonic energy courtesy of a sepia toned lighting and fog (which incidentally is the groups name translated from Polish to English).

This was clearly a show that was not to be missed, and I’ve personally never seen Voodoo Lounge with as many bodies in one room, and it definitely goes without saying that Dublin was provided with a substantial amount of dark, vicious and fundamentally nostalgic classic sounding black metal.


Exercises in Futility I

Exercises in Futility IV

Mdłości II

With Hearts Toward None I

Exercises in Futility II

Groza III

With Hearts Toward None VII

Exercises in Futility VI

Exercises in Futility V

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