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Restless Spirits S/T

Released by:  Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: Out Now!

Genre:  Hard Rock



Tony Hernando: All Guitars Bass
Deen Castronovo: Drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Backing Vocals on 2, 6, 7
Diego Valdez: Backing Vocalson 2, 3,6, 7
Victor Diez: Piano and Keyboards on 2, 5, 6, 11
Leif Elhin: Keyboards on 3


1.Stop Livin’ To Live Online (Johnny Gioeli on Vocals)
2.Unbreakable (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)
3.I Remember Your Name (Kent Hilli on Vocals)
4.’Cause I Know You’re The One (Dino Jelusic on Vocals)
5.Nothing I Could Give To You (Johnny Gioeli on Vocals)
6.Calling You (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)
7.Live To Win (Deen Castronovo on Vocals)
8.You And I (Alessandro Del Vecchio on Vocals)
9.When It Comes To You (Alessandro Del Vecchio on Vocals)
10.Lost Time (Not To Be Found Again) (Dino Jelusic on Vocals)
11.In The Realm Of The Black Rose (Diego Valdez on Vocals)

I was mighty disappointed to hear that Ronnie Romero was no longer going to be in Lords of Black. After enjoying their albums immensely and very much loving the two sets I got to witness at ProgPower I truly grew an affinity for the band. I mean, I get it, it’s freaking Rainbow, but still it kind of sucked. Wasn’t sure LoB was going to continue at that announcement, but was pleased when I heard Diego Valdez (Helker/Dream Child singer) was taking over. Perfect choice. I was even more excited to see that guitarist Tony Hernando was releasing a solo album under the moniker Restless Spirits. And, if it’s even imaginable, my anticipation jumped higher to see the vocalists lined up to perform on this album.

The s/t debut shows Tony at the top of his game, and shows that he’s not simply a fiery Heavy Metal powerhouse, but is a fantastic Melodic Rock guitarist as well. Hernando truly demonstrates precisely what a solo album should: skills and layers. As if his talents were ever in question he shows he can go from super fast shredding to soulful blues to tender melodies without a problem. He deftly taps into the melodic world as a songwriter here. I was expecting it to be a killer album, but it went even further than that. With “ Unbreakable,” “Stop Livin’ To Live Online,” “Lost Time (Not To Be Found Again,” and a sneak peak into what the future of Lords of Black might hold with “In the Realm of the Black Rose” sung by Valdez. You’ve also got such a stunning list of vocal contributors with Deen Castronova, Johnny Gioeli, Kent Hilli, Dino Jelusic, and Alessandro Del Vecchio on top of superior songs, you’ve got the perfect mix of a powerful album.

You sort of expect talent to beget quality, but that’s not always the case. In regards to Restless Spirits s/t debut it is quality and more. Lovers of Melodic Hard Rock need to snatch this one up. It is an absolute brilliant collection of amazing guitar work and instant classic songs. This could be one that sneaks by people, but I hope not. It truly is a great release. I give it 9 out of 10.

Ratings: 9/10

Written by: Chris Martin

My Global Mind – Senior Staff Writer

Chris Martin is a US based writer for My Global Mind, with an interest in hard rock and heavy metal in all its forms. A heavy contributor to the site, his work largely covers album and gig reviews.

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