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Stonewire – Life As We Know It Review

Released by: 22:11 Records
Release Date: 11/01/2019


Line Up:

Sky Hunter – Vocals
Gaz Annable – Guitar
Duncan Greenway – Guitar
Steve Briggs – Bass
Rob Glasner – Drums



Monkey Talk
One For the Road
House Rules
Hero’s Journey
Life As We Know It
All That Matters
Kick Up Some Dust
Top Shelf Conversation
A Step To Far


When a band takes more than a few years to record an album, one isn’t too sure how react. We have seen a lot of bands come forth over years of not recording, and to be frank, a lot of times those albums aren’t the best. Five years out of the studio DID NOT stop this group from having an great album! From the Rockin Drums laid out, by Rob Glasner, those ripping chords being plucked and thrown from the Electric guitar by both Gaz Annable and Duncan Greenway; That amazing right in the pocket bass by Steve Briggs, and that VOICE! Sky Hunter, that amazing bluesy, rockin female voice I have been searching for! StoneWire took a good step forward with this album!

This album being a steady hard rock album, with southern rock/ Country rock vibe to it, will be any great road trip album. Bump the bass up, turn the volume to 30, roll down the windows, and drive! That’s all I think of as I listen to this album. Sometimes you can hear even a little metal vibe through the guitar, like in the song ‘All That Matters’, which I wonder if we may see another band covering this along with ‘One For The Road’! Great ideas flowing all around the album, it was one that did not see many plays on Spotify. But it’s one I do think everyone should take a listen to, simply because the music is actually pretty good, I honestly can’t wait to see what they do next! Hopefully it will be something sooner than 5 years!

Top tracks had to include: “One For the Road”, “FTM” and “All That Matters”! Though there are many more Southern Rock songs out on this album, I myself gravitated more to the Hard Rock, kind of Iron Madan, style songs. Though nothing fully jumped out at me during this album, that doesn’t mean you, the reader, may not find something really cool hidden in the music! I will be looking out to StoneWire Live, cause if there’s one thing working production as a LD, in Wisconsin, has shown me. These types of bands are 80% better live, on stage, where the energy is just feeding off of everyone! If you see these guys rolling to venue near you, do yourself a favor, and just check em out!


Written by: Jeremy Nelson

Ratings: 5/10


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