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Neaera – Neaera Review

Released by Metal Blade Records

Release Date: February 28th, 2020

Genre: Melodic Death Metal



Benjamin Hilleke – Vocals

Sebastian Heldt – Drums

Benjamin Donath – Bass

Stefan Keller – Guitars

Tobias Buck – Guitars



1. (Un)drowned

2. Catalyst

3. False Shepherds

4. Resurrection of Wrath

5. Carriers

6. Rid the Earth of the Human Virus

7. Sunset of Mankind

8. Lifeless

9. Eruption in Reverse

10. Torchbearer

11. Deathless



Neaera is a German extreme metal band formed in 2003 and they have already released six studio albums labeled Metal Blade Records, before splitting in 2015 after a farewell tour. The group has reunited for some shows three years after disbanding and they went on with writing new music for the pleasure of their fans. The final result is their seventh self-titled album which shows the desire of the band to return to the music scene. This new release plays an important role in their career because this studio comeback will show if the band still has what it takes to go on with their career.

The eleven new tracks show that the band has maintained their standards of melodic death metal, without particular variations concerning their previous releases. A short but intense intro “(Un)Drowned” leads to the track “Catalyst”, which reveals quite a dynamic shredding and devastating drumming among expressive death metal screams. An elevated quality shredding is revealed by the notes of “False Shepherds”, where a doom tone takes the lead, even if there are some interesting melodic moments. Those are more intense in “Resurrection Of Wrath ”, but the following “Carriers” gives more speed at the record, with the potency of the drumming and the heavy guitar riffs. The rhythm goes up to speed with “Rid the Earth of the Human Virus” and “Sunset of Mankind”, always in the melodic death boundaries, but maybe with a more blackened tone on the occasion of the second track.

“Lifeless” could be defined as one of the best moments on this release due to the outstanding melodies which bring this tune to the next level. “Eruption In Reverse” and “Torchbreaker” keep on the assault outfit and bring up the final track “Deathless”. The philosophy remains the same, hence the ferocity of death metal is sustained by melodic parts at the background of screams and growls. In this way, the band is trying to keep the high level of energy that comes through their songs to increase the interest of the listener.

Although the self-titled album of Neaera shows that the quality of the compositions has not been altered through the years, it seems that the band keeps their standards since day one. Eleven new tracks maintain the classic melodic death outfit and the moments where the band is trying to escape from their boundaries are counted at the fingers of one hand. The songs are built on the same pattern, which makes it difficult for the listener to distinguish one song from another, making the record less interesting and memorable. In this era, where most musicians choose the path of innovation, the choice of using the old recipe could not be much appreciated. The fans of the earliest material of Neaera will surely enjoy this record. Maybe pushing the boundaries, experimenting on the sound could be a way of showing the real potential of the band and moving forward in the modern metal music scene.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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