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Snake Oil & Harmony – Hurricane Riders – Album Review

Label: Zero One Entertainment

Released: Out Now


Dan Reed (Dan Reed Network)

Danny Vaughn (Tyketto)

Track Listing:

  1. The Lines Are Open
  2. Last Man Standing
  3. Aberfan
  4. Dance in the Heart of the Sun
  5. Another Reason
  6. Damned If You Do
  7. Where the Water Goes
  8. Cannonball
  9. Save the Day
  10. Little Hercules

Dan Reed, lead vocalist and composer for the ‘Dan Reed Network’ and Danny Vaughn of ‘Tyketto’ are such respected musicians and so much of a part of the soundtrack to my younger years, that it was a no-brainer that I should request to review their collaboration album.

I knew it was the right time to review this album when the soothing strain of the opening track ‘The Lines Are Open’ reached out to soothe my soul.  With liquid gold tentacles of hope this beautiful song with its lyrics that seem so fitting at the moment & warming country guitar wrapped around me like a comfort blanket

‘Last Man Standing’ has the harmonies that you would expect from these two titans of rock infused genius Dan Reed and Danny Vaughn.  With sympathetic guitar and strumming beat behind them all way.

‘Aberfan’ is simply stunning in its simplicity with its sleepy strings and clear vocals.  Stick on your headphones, grab a beer, lie down and let yourself drift away…. lush!

The positiveness of ‘Dance in The Heart of The Sun’ has the same result as listening to ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers.  It makes you want to grab a coffee, draw back the curtains and breathe in the morning air whilst you turn your face to the sun. With superb vocals and the driving beat running alongside them like a bubbling brook, this gives you one more reason to be alive.

I LOVE ‘Another Reason’, enjoying this track is like soaking in a bubble bath of happiness! Whilst ‘Damned If You Do’ weeps with slide guitar and strumming back beat and story of the little rascal who is the handsome hurricane rider.

‘Where the Water Goes’ brings some more healing harmony, whilst ‘Cannonball’ has the sleepy Nashville and upbeat story of a country loving, rule breaking girl trying to reach the stars. ‘Cannonball’ comes complete with superb harmonica and slide, alongside the light freight train drumming back-beat.

After the super ‘Save The Day’, ‘Little Hercules’ is the perfect ending to the perfect country infused light rock album.

If you feel the need for some soothing and hopeful music to help you through these months, this is the perfect tonic for you.  This album could not have come at a better time and this perfect match of country with a twist of rock made me smile and lifted my heart, so THANK YOU to Snake Oil & Harmony for your offering of joy and hope.

I think everyone on earth right now should listen to this with a cold beer!

SCORE: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by: Francijn Suermondt



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