Roxx Revolt and The Velvets release glamtastic debut single ‘Supersonica Girl’

And just like that it was 1973 again…

If you’re in the mood for a slice of stack heeled, stomp along, satin and velvet tinged rock and roll , look no further. Modelled on equal parts, Sweet, Bolan, T-Rex and of course a dash of Ziggy Stardust, with the modern sheen of the likes of The Struts, Roxx Revolt and The Velvets [what a name !!] dish up a slice of pure earth shaking electrifying rock n’ roll !!

Available from today, August 27th Roxx Revolt and The Velvets, release their debut single ‘Supersonica Girl’ in the UK. , an ambitious, explosion of anthemic goodness, on SSK Records,

It’s a feel good song! It’s a song that gets in your body and makes you feel like you have to move. The kind of song that you can sing while you’re driving or having a fun night with your friends and makes you want to get up and dance. At the same time hits you with some classic-rock inspired guitar licks to get your headbanging, it is fun!” exclaim the band.

Somehow blurring the line between sincerity and audacity, the video takes us back to the glorious heyday of Top of the Pops and excitable teens whose every desire was met simply by being in the same room as their heroes.  

The video was actually filmed, not at the old Tops of the Pops studios but the far more appealing town of Lakeland Florida. As you might expect, the 70’s theme video, dripping with satin, sequins, velvet, peace and love, was inspired by David Bowie and other glam band’s TV appearances;

It is a short story about imagination, confidence and self-discovery, put together in a very classic way.” plus “we felt the whole vibe of the song demanded some roller skate action!

If you’re on the move, have a listen to the single here:

Supersonica Girl – Spotify

Whilst looking distinctly UK Glamtastic from the 1970s, the band hail from Naples Florida. Roxx Revolt and The Velvets are ready to seduce audiences with titanic riffage, sticky nectar songcraft and the promise of life-altering amounts of fun.

The Tampa Times’ George Hudak wrote that seeing Roxx Revolt and The Velvets “was a major flashback to my heady college days at NYU  Washington Square in the mid-seventies. Our campus hangouts were CBGBs, Gildersleeves and the Bottom Line. Punk rock was on the rise. Ramones, Television, Patti Smith Group, Talking Heads etc.. This new rock called punk was raw, raunchy and meant to be a visceral experience best shared communally. Roxx Revolt and The Velvets lit up the venue. The mostly under 30 crowd was revved up and rocking on the vibe being dished out by lead singer Roxx. This powerhouse performer was backed by a band that was tighter that tight. At one point Roxx  shouted out “rock is not dead” and the crowd roared in agreement. Ditto to that!

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