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Outloud – Outloud

Released by Frontiers – 2009

Review Added August 29, 2009

. Produced By: Bob Katsionis / Mixed: Tommy Hansen
· Running Time: 44.07
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: August 28
· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock
· Links:

1. What I Need**
2. We Run**
3. Tonight **
4. Search For Truth**
5. This Broken Heart**
6. Breathing Fire**
7. Wild Life
8. Broken Sleep
9. Out In The Night
10. Lovesigh**
11. Outloud! **
**Hot Tracks

· Chandler Mogel: Vocals
· Bob Katsionis: Guitars, Keyboards
· Tony Kash: Guitars
· Mark Cross: Drums
· Jason Mercury: Bass

Busting onto the scene full steam ahead are the new hard rock outfit Outloud with their album debut self titled. Even though they we’re formed in 2008, the lineup consists of former members from some recognizable metal and hard rock groups such as lead singer Chandler Mogel (Talon), Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Nightfall) along with Mark Cross ( Firewind). Their history dates back to early Greece in 2004 when a young Tony Kash started taking guitar lessons from Bob Katsionis and it was obviously apparent to Bob that the young man was bound to become a hard rocker. Some of the early demo materials showcased the great riffs and melody which lead them to find a melodic hard rock singer Mogel who would fit they’re style. Once the band was in place, the band went on to record the album which producing duties we;re given to the very well known rock producer Tommy Hanson known for his work with the band Helloween, etc mastered and mixed at “Jailhouse Studios” located in Denmark.

Starting the album off “rock and loaded” is the song ” What I Need” which right away delivers a powerful punch of melody and upbeat riffs which helps set the tone for the rest of the album. Next is “We Run” and it starts with some nice and catchy ripping melody and delves into the excellent high octave voice of Mogel, with some catchy lyrics and energized by some nice solos, this marks one of the many highlights of the album.

Then comes “Tonight” which starts with some nice keyboards reminiscent of those classic AOR elements, yet maintaining that heavy bottom rhythm section that holds true throughout the whole album. This tune Vogel reminds me a bit of a mix between Jeff Scott Soto and Kenny Leckremo from the melodic hard rock band H.E.A.T with another sweet melodic solo the bar continues to be set high for the rest of the record. “Search for Truth” starts with some AC/DC like riffs and again kicks right at you with a nice chorus and some catchy lyrics, followed by another kick ass solo that ends all too soon begging the listener for more melodious glory to follow. Holding the momentum of the album is “Breathing Fire” great name for another solid upbeat and cruncher of a track, nice change of rhythm and pace throughout the song structure keeps the listener glued to the headphones and doesn’t get too repetitive.

“Lovesigh” is another chance to sit back and enjoy a nice slower jam. The two ballads are acoustic ballads that give us a feeling of some great late 80’s and 90’s rock bands like Tesla and Riot. Outloud ends the album strong with song titled same as the band and is another scorcher with some nice double kick drums that bands like Firewind and those great European power metal bands have made famous.

Final words and impressions are that this is one hell of a debut for yet another European band making waves, some might remember records from the bands “Eclipse” and “H.E.A.T” and “Brother Firetribe”, Outloud follows the same path except they manage to sound a little different and add new and exciting layers of elements that make us bring back some fond memories of the glory days of the 80’s, but yet managing to sound updated and in tune with the present. I am ecstatic that this band got signed to Frontiers as it is one of the very best labels out there distributing so much good material. For sure one of the best debut records of the year!!!. Highly Recommended

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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