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Snew – We Do What We Want

Released By: MAMAN MUSIC Co OUT NOW!!!

Style: Hard Rock



1. We Do What We Want

2. Feedback And Distortion

3. Private Stash

4. Risking My Life

5. Get Loud

6. Knock It Out Of The Park

7. Power Pack

8. Pick Up The Ball

9. Who The Hell Are You

10. Shinebox

I was truly surprised to discover that SNEW were not an Australian band, because their sound is a direct combination of some of the biggest Aussie acts in ACDC, ROSE TATTOO, THE ANGELS, JET and AIRBOURNE. Sure there is also a striking similarity to ACCEPT, RHINO BUCKET and JACKYL, but let’s face it, those three bands were all directly influenced by the Aussie rock sound anyway. There are a lot of bands in this mould going around the traps these days, and it seems that everyday brings a new one so it takes something really special to stand out in the crowd of Aussie inspired hard rock bands these days.

Luckily for us, SNEW are one of those bands that do manage to bring something special to the table, and have enough of a unique sound to not be classed as imitators. While the obvious AC/DC and ACCEPT influences are the predominant sound you’ll hear, SNEW have also included some staunchy rock n roll straight out of the sunset strip heydays of the eighties, making for a unique combination that can be best described as pure balls-out rock that will surely please fans of any bands I have mentioned in this review.

The album opens up with WE DO WHAT WE WANT, which sets the scene for what’s to come and sees vocalist Curtis Don Vito tearing up the song as only whisky-soaked rockers can do. FEEDBACK AND DISTORTION is probably the most accessible and mainstream sounding track on the album and should find some radio. KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK is a catchy and kick-ass tune that has found itself a spot in my ipod heavy rotation folder. SHINEBOX closes the album in fine fashion and will leave you wanting more, more, more.

I was pretty impressed by this album and am happy to recommend it to anybody that likes the simple side of pure, no-frills, balls-out hard rock. Buy it now!!

Written by Zeezzee

Ratings Zeezee   8/10

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