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Alex Masi – Theory of Everything

Label: Lion Music

Release Dates: 7/16/2010

Genre: Instrumental/Shred



01. Theory Of Nothing

02. Ladies Of The House

03. Queen Of Headfuck

04. The Past

05. Breakfast At Owsley’s

06. Big Bad Science

07. Scratch The Meat

08. Jam On Haunted Hill

09. Have A Talk With God.

10. Soul Virus Hack

I have always admired when a musician decides to cross jump genres and cover different styles as they naturally progress in through their musical journey. Sure some produce an outcome better then others, and perhaps guitar virtuosos have a little more breathing room to create different antiquities that give more range then any other instrument.  Alex Masi is another talented guitar player who has joined Lion Music for an instrumental record that covers many genres from metal, fusion, straight classical to ethnic world influences. That I can dig, the diversity of the songs make it interesting to sit through an instrumental record, who wants to just listen to a shred riff over and over right? No matter how good your are as a guitar player, you have to produce something unique to keep the listener hooked, and he does manage just that on this 10 track journey of  jam and instrumental madness.

Masi took control of all of the production, as he made the record without anybody else playing an instrument besides himself. Through the use of sampling he digitally added all the loops and rhythms apart from his stylistic guitar skills. The range here is broad and ambitious, tracks like “Ladies of the House” has a nice middle eastern approach as the subtle voice overs provide a smooth sailing approach to showcase a vibrant smooth flow. The dreamy vibes of “The Past” brings almost a decadence feel to the strings being gently picked on the electric guitar. If diversity is your thing? look no further then “Big Bad Science” as Alex breeds electronic , funk and shred to truly create a mad scientist music barrier. A little drum with a phat bass almost techno like comes across the very futuristic “Scratch the Meat” to serve as a top highlight for me.

Very unexpected shred instrumental release for me, I have a greater appreciation for Alex Masi after listening to this diverse but interesting mix of styles all bundled up into one big striking pose. I think he utilizes the new synthetic styles and electronic new age production to his advantage to let the imagination run wild, as he is the only musician on hand and has more control to what he specifically wants as the outcome. You may see this type of production more now in this day in age with the ever changing music industry. Very cool record and recommended to any fans of good skillful guitar playing, and any fans of post and modern guitar instrumental music.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  7/10

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