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Bangtower – Casting Shadows

Released by Declassified Records

Release Date: September 28, 2010

Genre: Progressive Rock/Fusion/Instrumental



Line Up:

Neil Citron – Guitars/Keyboards

Walter Garces – Drums/Percussions

Percy Jones – Fretless Bass/Keyboards


1. BBA

2. Sex Me Up

3. Hair Of The Dog

4. Let ‘Em Drown

5. Ballad Of Wealth

6. Man In The Middle

7. Groove Snake

8. The One Percenters

I have always had a special place in my heart for instrumental music, whether is the striking beautifully alien music of Steve Vai, or the funky tones of Joe Satch is been installed in my blood since I have started listening to Rock in general. For this reason alone I decided to check up on Bangtower’s sophomore release of “Casting Shadows” that features some great talent in it’s nucleus. Bassist Percy Jones , who is best known for his work with Brand X , a band that also featured Genesis legend Phil Collins, striking bassist Percy Jones who has been a notable musician in the rock and jazz fusion world alongside a great percussionist in Walter Garces and the great Neil Citron who’s a hell of a guitar player and has been involved in countless projects from Hard Rock to Progressive.

Let’s not get it confused here, this is an instrumental record with many influences far and right, but at it’s core it let’s each musician here spread their mastership over each instrument that they dominate. You open things up with the curious rhythm of “BBA” and almost instantaneously you noticed the strong funky and torching bass rhythm of Jones take the helm.  The rocky fusion experiment of “Hair of the Dog” screams a rebel shout as the guitars here are of special note alongside the intricate rhythm bass combo of these professional musicians. The more laid back “Ballad Of Wealth” brings back memories of another great guitar man in Eric Johnson.

The sounds feature here range in dexterity and texture, as each musician proves they are veterans of their tools. What I most enjoyed here are the great rhythm and bass sounds that the guys manage to create. The album plays like a multi faceted universe of matter all mixed in to one giant experimental equation. Of course I would recommend this to fans of Rock/Fusion/Instrumentals but as a music listener overall, I challenge you to give it a listen because is a fun record to digest.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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