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Twisted Sister – Club Daze, Volume 1 The Studio Sessions

Released by Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: January 25th, 2011

Genre: Classic Heavy Metal/Glam Metal



Line Up:

Dee Snider – Vocals

Jay Jay French – Guitars & Vocals

Eddie Ojeda – Guitars & Vocals

Tony Petri – Drums (Tracks 1-12)

Kenneth Harrison Neill – Bass (Tracks 1-8)

Mark Mendoza – Bass & Vocals (Tracks 9-13)


01. Come Back

02. Pay The Price

03. Rock N Roll Saviors

04. High Steppin’

05. Big Gun

06. T.V. Wife

07. Can’t Stand Still

08. Follow Me

09. I’ll Never Grow Up, Now!

10. Lady’s Boy

11. Leader Of The Pack

12. Under The Blade

13. Shoot ‘Em Down

Molding a band’s sound over the years is one of the defining factors that a great band can truly achieve. The one common distinguishable trait that can be exhibited by some of these classic acts is the original sound they first created when they we’re hungry and started garnishing all these creative ideas that would later be the tail sign of great music. Twisted Sister has been given the royal treatment by our friends over at Eagle Rock Ent because records like “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll” and later in 2011 “Come Out And Play” and “Love Is For Suckers” will also be remastered.

The early days are depicted in it’s full glory on this rare early look at some never released studio versions of Sister’s original songs that the band performed during it’s club circuit haze in hot spots like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut during the periods 1978-1981.  Club Daze originally released by Spitfire Records in 1999, captures the band’s foundation of what was to soon be their trademark sound.

If you remember Twisted Sister as the “loud” metal band that hit some commercial success in the 80’s well the sound here is more gritty and not as polished, as the guys we’re just hitting up the local joints displaying an array of musicianship that would later get them signed.

Opening tracks like “Come Back” have a certain 70’s feel classic rock to it, as lead singer Dee Snider’s voice is more tamed in spots as opposed to his metal shouts in future records. The tasty chops of “Rock N Roll Saviors” is stomping moody message builder about the end of disco era and the start of rock and roll, cool track that sends a message straight to their fans. A perky tune comes in via “High Steppin” as it’s boogie down warning call for the heavy drinkers out there as the end of a long Twisted Sister venue, to carefully “high step” over the past out drunks on the floor. Come to think of it that happens a lot in clubs in New York. A nice addition here is the Cheap Trick inspired “I’ll Never Grow Up, Now!” with a ripe dominating bass thump that creates a sharp rhythm and groovy anthem.

An added note to some of the songs on this remastered set is the newly much sharper sound on each track, we know in the past it was much harder to remastered music especially when less technological equipment was used back then, but now we all the advancements in the field we can enjoy quality sound again. All liner notes are provided by Jay Jay French and each song on the booklet itself has enigmatic front man Dee Snider commenting on each track and it’s origin. Added bonus of some really cool pictures from the band’s club daze days, the image and their painted faces makes the music here truly a collectors item for any fan of the band. If you are expecting a commercially driven sound of Sister, then you will be let down because the music here albeit different in terms of influence, I hear some David Bowie, AC/DC, Kiss all bundled into one, is actually very well crafted and accessible.

Perhaps the fact that French wrote most of the early material as opposed to Snider writing music for the band post 1976 has a definite impact on the sound you hear. The songs compiled here strongly resemble some of the band’s “Under The Blade” sound as some old school fans will recognize but overall is a nice collector’s item that any fan of the band will be surprise to hear. You must truly learn to appreciate the past to understand the present, well the music here plays like an early time line of the band’s soon to be sound that many would enjoy from years to come.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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