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Silver Lake – Silver Lake

Released by Rock & Growl Records

Release Date: January 14th, 2011

Genre: Power/Progressive Metal


Line Up:

Davide Bertozzi – vocals

Luigi Rignanese – Bass

Riccardo Fabbri – Keyboards

Giovanni Matichecchia – guitars

Andrea Urbinati – drums


1. Before The Storm

2. Help Me To Fight The Rain

3. Break

4. Life (feat. Michele Luppi)

5. Slave To The Grind (Skid Row cover)

6. Holy Affinity

7. Meet You Again

8. Silver Lake

I’ll just be honest when it comes to power progressive bands, there a few that no matter how many albums they make can do no wrong; think Kamelot, Evergrey, Symphony X etc. So even though the genre is not easily defined as it’s complexity sometimes sinks the actual music with certain bands trying to show more wankery then actual good value musicianship, is hard for any new band trying to break into the genre period. With that being said I always expect high things from these type of bands so it was a bit disappointing in what I heard here from these young prog metallers.

This new band Silver Lake hailing from Italy is borrowing influences from current power prog bands, some heavy metal roots as well as well as your typical power metal riffs. Seems oddly enough that the band Silver Lake was actually born as the cover-band Exodiain 2003, playing Europe, Dream Theater, Angra, Pain Of Salvation, Deep Purple amongst others. The power metal residue sounds in some of the roots of each track on here.

As you will noticed the band’s influences are far and varied given their history as a cover band. You’ll notice a modern vocal approach on the track “Before The Storm” with some symphonic arrangements and keyboards to lead it’s path down a melodic metal map. I can hear some Dream Theater touch up on the instrumental track “Break” as the thumping bass line opener marks an interesting approach. I was suprised to hear Michele Luppi guest vocals on the song “Life” not sure the band and Luppi had a connection but it couldn’t help but give the band some credibility in this case.  On the down side I was not too impressed with the vocals on the cover of the classic Skid Row tune  “Slave To The Grind” even though the band makes it their own song with the keyboard solo, if you’re going to try to do a cover of a Sebastian Bach song please the vocals need a better effort, just saying.

Just like when an infant takes it’s first baby steps, well Silver Lake just began to stretch their wings and they’re is room for improvement. Being the varied influences in their music and the need probably for better vocals I think they have a challenge. The musicianship itself is the bright spot here as the guitar playing of Giovanni Matichecchia is commendable just as much as the keyboards of Riccardo Fabbri. As you see the music is a mix of bag of tricks but I would hope to hear more from these guys in the future as they have some potential.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    6/10

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