The Michael Schenker Group – The 30th Anniversary Concert – Live In Tokyo CD/DVD

One one of the truly guitar gods of rock has broken through and pull his stuff together. Schenker and everybody's performance was recorded with grace and implosion on this...

Released by: Inakustik/MVD

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Michael Schenker -Guitar

Gary Barden – Vocals

Simon Phillips – Drums

Wayne Findlay – Guitar, Keyboards

Neil Murray – Bass


01. Intro

02. Armed And Ready

03. Feels Like A Good Thing

04. Cry For The Nations

05. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

06. Victim of Illusion

07. Are You Ready To Rock

08. I Want You

09. Night To Remember

10. Into The Arena

11. Lost Horizons

12. Rock My Nights Away

13. On And On

14. Attack of the Mad Axeman

15. Ride On My Way

16. Rock Bottom

17. Dance Lady Gypsy

18. Doctor, Doctor

If I had to name a top list of hard rock guitarists, I would unquestionably name Michael Schenker in that list somewhere. The Mad Axeman’s career has been as much as a success for his music from his days with UFO and with his own band The Michael Schenker Group as well as his amazing guitar antics, but what his success has driven it has taken away also in his own personal struggles, band line up changes and a roller coaster of ups and downs. But proving you can never keep a good man down for long anyways, Schenker returned to the life on the road in early 2008, as he rejoined working with Gary Barden, Don Airey, Simon Phillips, and Neil Murray on a new MSG album “In the Midst of Beauty”, which was released in May of 2008, followed by further touring.

Perhaps of some good fortunes to follow; MSG has managed to regroup as this point and following some gut checks the band looks like they are here to stay for a while and keep on plowing forward. Now we have the luxury to see this amazing guitar talent back on top of his game in this Live performance captured live in Tokyo in January of 2010. This filmed live performance marks the go ahead for the 30th Anniversary of the band original line up which is represented here once more by lead singer Gary Barden and drummer Simon Phillips.

Highly considered one of the best live albums of the 80’s, One Night in Budokan by MSG was a piece of timeless music that added to Michael’s already legendary reputation. Now the setting is bright, the venue is open amidst a very passionate Japanese fan base and Schenker and MSG don’t disappoint.

The show opens with one of the tracks from their outstanding debut record in “Feels Like A Good Thing” and they don’t stop there because they go on to perform 6 total tracks from that record. The madman makes his signature Flying V guitar weep when the anthem “Cry For The Nations” is strung, and his shred work has never sounded better in “Let The Sleeping Dogs Lie”. I won’t go as far as to say that Gary Barden is one of my favorite vocalists, but even though he’s received some criticism in the past because of his vocals, on this night he sounds just as good as he did when One Night In Budokan came out in 1981.

When the bursting jet stream of energy comes flying back on “Are Your Ready Rock”, the band has the fans all wrapped up at their disposal. Solid vocals and melody are crunched together on one of the highlights from the “Midst of Beauty”album in “One Night To Remember: A little close up never hurt no one, how lucky can you get when Schenker approaches the front row in the intro to “Lost Horizons” and lets some anxious fans play with his godly V guitar, cool stuff indeed, Ohh yeah the guitar playing in that song is absolutely mind blowing as Schenker explodes the roof of the building with his performance here. An MSG performance wouldn’t feel complete without the UFO staples of “Rock Bottom” and “Doctor Doctor” who after all these years is performed admirably by the guys.

One one of the truly guitar gods of rock has broken through and pull his stuff together. Schenker and everybody’s performance was recorded with grace and implosion on this memorable night commemorating the band’s 30th anniversary. It was Michael who said it best, MSG was his avenue to express himself musically and even though he had plenty of chances to leave and join other big shot bands,he stuck around and managed to this day to keep the band going and why not, if this performance is any indication of what’s to come, I jump on board. Another essential performance for any fans of the band!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    9/10

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