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Tuck From Hell – Thrashing

Released by Metalville Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Thrash Metal


Line Up:

Nils Fredrik Johansson -Drums

Niklas “Tuck” Ingels -Vocals

Petrus Granar -Guitar

Marcus”Polo”Bengts -Guitar

Tomas Sonesson -Bass


1. Barbecue Beast

2. Death Before Disco

3. Tuckerz

4. Italion Stallion

5. I’m Rollin’

6. I Hellbilly

7. King of Thrash

8. Idol of Gold

9. Headbanger

10. Tequila Race

Ohh yeah one of the early kick ass Thrash Metal releases of the year comes your way via Tuck From Hell’s debut studio album titled simply “Thrashing”. Alright mind you the Tuckers term may be a bit childish in some regards, but the music is what counts in the end and there is plenty of tasty chops to be observed. These crazy Swedes happen to play some old school bay area thrash metal influenced from the best around, Death Angel, Slayer, Metallica etc.

What drew me to this release was the fact that drummer Fredrik Johansson who just happens to be the son of acclaimed Swedish vocalist Patrik Johansson (LION’S SHARE, ASTRAL DOORS). Well part was that and also the fact that I pick and choose the type of Thrash metal material to review, simply put there are too many clones out there.

You won’t find a holy grail of this type of music here but if you’re a thrash metal fan you have to give it a listen as some of these intense grooves are pretty addicting. In terms of originality I wouldn’t give the track “Death Before Disco” anything out of the ordinary, but the intensity in its message it’s quite riveting. “Tuckerz” is a cool band anthem which most mother-tuckerz would enjoy, as they call their devoted fans.  Another plowing metallic drill comes your way in “I’m Rollin’, which carries some of your favorite thrash rhythm section abuse and batter that fans of the genre love so much.

I just love when a plan comes together, sounds familiar? yeah whatever don’t care for the movie, but what I care about is when a hungry group of crazy metal heads come together to seriously kick ass with their music. “Thrashing” is a well delivered Thrashing album despite it’s lack of originality and almost comedic Duke Nukem cd cover. I don’t think we can blame these cats for that, perhaps on their future releases they can create something that sets them afar from the competition. But for now enjoy a fine metal release and if you get a chance to catch these guys on the road, consider yourself lucky as any small venue show would probably burn to the ground after they wrapped up their set.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    7/10

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