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Kimaera – Solitary Impact

Released By : Stygian Crypt Productions

Genre : Gothic Death Metal

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1. Bloody Torniquet

2. Breath Of Despair

3. A Silent Surrender

4. Solitary Impact

5. Holy Grief

6. In The Shade Of Nephilim

7. All That I Am

8. The Taste Of Treason

9. Of Wine And Woe

10. The Garden Tomb

After listening to this new album from KIMAERA, i can officially cross off another country off my list. Yes, this is the first band that I have reviewed from Lebanon, and trust Stygian Crypt Productions to be the ones that introduced me to them. This is the second album the band have released for the label but is the first one I have received a copy of.

The band’s style is definitely based in growly death metal, but there are also some doom metal influences to be found, and also a slight gothic tinge created by the use of an occasional female vocal and violin work that really does add a unique texture to the overall vibe. While the basic death metal parts sounds pretty common, when they are taken over by the doom and gothic elements the sound gets occasionally exciting and often interesting.

The thick Lebanese accent also adds an element of ferocity to the vocals and really gives them a guttural quality in places and relatively harmonious in others.

The drumming here is top-notch and quite fat in the mix, unfortunately I can’t exactly say the same thing about the guitars. Don’t get me wrong, the playing is a good as you would expect from this genre, but the production feels a little bit to tinny and treble-ish in the guitar parts. That maybe the effect they were going for to sound more rough and aggressive, but it doesn’t match the bass intensity of the rest of the album.

I did enjoy this album for the most part, but I also think the band will struggle to find a large audience. They are obviously skilled musicians and good songwriters but their sound is more souited to a niche market than a massive commercial brigade. If you are into death metal but like things to be interesting and a little different, SOLITARY IMPACT is definitely an album you should search out for further listening.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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