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Face Down – The Runaway E.P

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Groove Metal

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01.  One Last Walk

02.  The Runaway

03.  TNT And Rusty Guns

04.  Consume Or Be Consumed

05.  Katrina

Good information is pretty hard to find on the internet about France groove metal band Face Down, but luckily the band sent me a bit of information along with their new E.P so all is not lost. The interesting thing about FACE DOWN is that they share a band name with another group that was gaining steam in the late nineties and both bands play a very similar style of music.

The E.P offers up five songs of Southern Rock inspired Groove Metal that takes its cues from PANTERA and mixes in some MACHINE HEAD but also slaps a little layer of TAD in there too. Wow, does anyone else remember TAD? What a great and unique band they were hey! This FACW DOWN though have only been together for just over a year, and the fact that they already have their style and sound set up means that the future looks bright for them if they can find a good market. Groove Metal as a genre is certainly in the tail-end of it’s phase these days, with the METALCORE style taking center stage more and more every day, but the remaining fans of good mosh-pit friendly groove metal will find a lot to like about this band.

Sure the guitarist is no Dimebag Darrel, and the vocalist is no Phil Anselmo, try as he might, but there is certainly some potential to be found here and the fact that the E.P only holds five tracks means that it finishes before it wears out its welcome. The best of the bunch would be THE RUNAWAY and KATRINA, both of which will appeal to all Pantera fans on a primal level and have you banging your head like it’s 2001 all over again.

For those looking for something fresh and original, put simply there’s nothing here for you, but if you are fan of Pantera and other groove based metal bands FACE DOWN may well just offer up enough to be worth checking out. While I would definitely like to see what this band can do in a full long player album format, I think they may just need a little variation before attempting it. THE RUNAWAY is a great start for a young band and hints at the possibility of them really tearing up a storm in the future.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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