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Rhino Bucket – Who’s Got Mine

Released by: Acetate Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Georg Dolivo – lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Brian Forsythe – lead guitar and backing vocals

Reeve Downes – bass guitar and backing vocals

Anthony Biuso – drums


01. Message In My Bottle

02. Lifeline

03. Back To Nowhere

04. Drive Thru Liquor

05. Who’s Got Mine

06. Her Way

07. Joke’s On You

08. Chase The Case

09. Hollywood And Wine

10. Something For Nothing

11. Rare Beauty

For those who need a refresher course in kicking ass and taking names…….the band Rhino Bucket has been in the Hard Rock scene since the late 80’s by the original line up then of “Georg Dolivo (guitars and lead vocals), Greg Fields (guitar), Reeve Downes (bass guitar), and Rick Kubach (drums). After a long break the band return in 2001 with the notable Brian “Damage” Forsythe from KIX joining the core group and taking on lead guitar duties.

Some of the band’s original sound can be linked to great staples as AC/DC and their trademark boogie mark stamp, but really these California natives found a niche during the mid 90’s and related to a nice fan base. One of the good old American Hard Rock bands around. Now with their 6th studio album they return with a somewhat evolved sound but still dwelling in some roost of the past.

The band comes off fresh off their success of their European tour leg one which was long time coming, Rhino Bucket immediately returned to the studio with producer Doug Boehm (Dirty Sweet, The Vines) at the helm for this their new release “Who’s Got Mine”. One you get into the not so impressive cover art; maybe a little grunge for my tastes but the reality is the bulk of the materials is still solid as ever. The feverish pitch of “Lifeline” brings attitude and persona to the record and the more punk kinetic energy of of the rampage out of control lifestyle of “Drive Thru Liquor” is sustained by a tight guitar lead by Bryan Forsythe. Shades of early Bon Scott era of AC/DC come way in the highway scorcher “Joke’s On You” with a display of some aggressive guitar rhythm and bass.

A commendable return to shape for the guys at Rhino Bucket and even though the songs didn’t grab as me fast as some of the material of their past record “The Hardest Town” for fans of the band are likely not to be let down as you know what to expect from these guys. Images of Junkyard, Krokus recent album and Great White always come to mind when I blasted this one real LOUD earlier this week. Also check out the song of the motion picture The Wrestler as it featured Rhino Bucket and the song “”Soundtrack To A War” in it’s movie soundtrack. Is nice to still have the pleasure to enjoy bands like Rhino Bucket they just don’t make em like this anymore.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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