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Dynazty – Knock You Down

Released by: Stormvox Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock


Line Up:

Nils Molin (vox)

Rob Love Magnusson (guitar)

Joel Fox Apelgren (bass)

George Egg (drums)

Live: Mano Lewys (guitar)


01. Sleeping With The Enemy

02. New Sensation

03. The Devil’s Playground

04. Hunger For Love

05. Get It On

06. Knock You Down

07. Mr. Money

08. Wild Nights

09. Brand New Day

10. Throne Of China

11. The Great Delusion

12. This Is My Life

13. A Girl Like You

Leave it to the crazy Swedish metal scene to uncover bands like these……here we have Dynazty another one of these  hyped up and high steam metal bands to come out of a country that has been notoriously releasing so many kick ass bands lately. But if you think these guys just landed on the scene well think again. In fact in 2008 they worked with very well known producer Chris Laney and released their debut album “Bring The Thunder” to some rave reviews around certain circles, the band also landed a USA distribution deal with American label Perris Records.

Roll forward a couple of years and the band brought their show on the west coast as they recorded their new record “Knock You Down” on the west coast in LA. A nice place to get inspire huh? especially when it comes to glam metal and it’s given history in the 80’s. Now while the band’s sound is a mix between melodic metal and hard rock, they do transcend their own style of fun attitude into their music.

I had high expectations for these guys given that their new record label Stormvox also has H.E.A.T on their roster and we all know how kick ass that band is. These Swedes hold nothing back right from the onset because on the opening song “Sleeping With The Enemy” you have a fiery kick starter with a tasty chop. The killer prowess of “Throne of China” has a killer groove and a superb guitar shred reminiscent of some old school Dokken riffest.

Don’t get it too twisted ladies and gents while the band’s core image is funny wild and crazy, the songs are very well done but with a fresh melodic hard rock flavor and on songs like “Hunger For Love” you would want to sing at the top of your lungs with it’s addictive chorus line. A very unique riff is sustained on the high scorcher “Wild Nights” adding yet another strong cut to this already bad ass record.

What can I say I love this type of party anthem bands that play melodic Hard Rock at a high level, yes these guys are playing a style that can easily be linked to bands of the past like Europe, Dokken, etc. But the truth herein lies in the music itself and it’s killer, from the chorus lines to the insane guitar shredding courtesy of Rob Love, aka a cool ass name. No sense of worrying about vocals because you have a very capable lead vocalist in Nils Molin. This album just jumps out at you and the title is so fitting because the momentum of the record packs a nasty chopping punch. These Swedes get it and they perfect the formula that gives a blend of melodic hard rock but at the same time stirs in some metal elements with terrific guitar led ruckus. They are definitely the “new sensation” boosting an already strong carousel of great music to come out Sweden in the last few years.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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