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Sebastian Bach – Kicking & Screaming Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: September 23rd, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock/Metal


Line Up:

Sebastian Bach: All Vocals / Cowbell

Nick Sterling: Electric Guitar / Acoustic Guitar / Baritone Guitar / Bass

Bobby Jarzombek: Drums


01. Kicking & Screaming

02. My Own Worst Enemy

03. TunnelVision (featuring John 5)

04. Dance On Your Grave

05. Caught In A Dream

06. As Long As I Got The Music

07. I’m Alive

08. Dirty Power

09. Live The Life

10. Dream Forever

11. One Good Reason

12. Lost In The Light

13. Wishin’

The ever enigmatic and magnetic personality that is the former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach seems like has managed to stay in the limelight of the music industry despite the ever changing business that it has become. An insight into more of Bach off the music antics we have the actor Sebastian featured on the 5-season recurring role on the CW’s hit series “Gilmore Girls”, starring roles on Broadway (“Jekyll & Hyde”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and national touring companies (“Jesus Christ Superstar”), as well as an ongoing relationship with MTV/VH1. Just as many have tried and failed to resurrect careers long gone after the popular rock scene in the 80’s, Bach has remained pretty busy with his solo project and touring on a consistent basis. Ohh and don’t forget his other projects like Framshift, one which saw a different vocal style molded into more progressive environment.

I know of course some fans may not care much for Bach’s antics and some of it got in him in deep water, but that’s not relevant to the music here. If you we’re a fan of his last solo record “Angel Down”, then you will find much to dig on his latest offering “Kicking & Screaming”.  The link here on both of these records are the heavy bottom chops that jump out from each song, the addition of Bobby Jarzombek to any line up is a must see, as the dude is a flat out great drummer and you can hear the abuse of the battery on each song here. Had not heard much about new hot guitarists in the scene, but apparently the talent of Nick Sterling called out to Sebastian as he recruited this excellent axeman who shreds on the album as well.

For most you had already heard the single self title video which is out now, a short rhythm but with enough catchy  to represent the style of the record very well. The straight shooter vibe of “Dance On Your Grave” is another prime cut, as the drums slash its way with power and precision, Bach still sounds very strong in the vocal department, another one of the rockers out there that does more then a decent job at taking care of it’s voice despite the constant abuse of the 80’s.

The more laid back rocker “As Long As I Got The Music” provides the listener with a more carefully crafted tune in which the melody and chorus hold a strong point. The super speedy up tempo of “One Good Reason” provides Sterling with another chance to strut his stuff, this turf tuff attitude  groove puts this song on the top list as well. Add another high rise super exclusive chorus in “Lost In The Light” to the table of superb tracks and you have yourself a pretty damn good album.

The production level on this beauty is what you expect from a polish artist, the guy in charge here is Bob Marlette.  I’m even giving some love to the cover art artist Richard Villa, reflecting the lyrics as well as the brutality of the music. Yeah no kidding when I saw the cover art I knew this was a Bach record,  an image that represents him as as crazy as he is, a Jesus Christ metal superstar.  Overall good music, apart from a few duds more slower numbers that just didn’t grab me as much. I prefer this one over Angel Down even though both are very good albums. A nice follow up for a guy that manages to stay in the light and keep his image growing strong, this album will further accolade more goodies to the allure of more then just the ex-front man from Skid Row.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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