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Jorn – Live In Black CD/DVD Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Heavy Metal


Line Up:

Jorn Lande: Vocals

Tore Moren: Guitar

Tor Erik Myhre: Guitar

Nic Angileri: Bass

Willy Bendiksen: Drums


CD 1:

Road of the Cross

Shadow People


We Brought The Angels Down


Spirit Black

The Inner Road

Man of the Dark



Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)

Tungur Knivur

Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)

Rock and Roll Angel

Drum Solo

Soul of the Wind

Are You Ready

War of the World

DVD Contents:

Concert tracklisting: Road of the Cross, Shadow People, Below, We Brought The Angels Down, Stormcrow, Spirit Black, The Inner Road, Man of the Dark, Blacksong, Guitar Solo (Tore Moren), Tungur Knivur, Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre), Rock and Roll Angel, Drum Solo, Soul of the Wind, Are You Ready, War of the World.

Bonus Material: Song for Ronnie James (videoclip), Man of the Dark (videoclip).

There’s not much I can say on behalf of the talented vocalist from Norway who’s nick name is simply “The Norse God of Metal”… that hasn’t been said already. He has build a reputation for razor sharp crunching vocal pipe deliveries, a steady dose of material that started back early when he was in bands like Millenium, Ark and more recently his 3 albums with Power Metal group Masterplan. His successful solo career has added more tour de force to be reckon with when it comes to quality Hard Rock and Metal. The man simply put; is one of the best metal vocalists going today  and with his easily identifiable voice, he has reached legend status in these circles.

Jorn had a nice string of appearances and releases last year with the coincidental tribute record to Ronnie James Dio, a short time after the great Dio passed away, Jorn was asked to guest during the final Heaven & Hell concert in Victoria Park, London together with Glenn Hughes on vocals. A few weeks prior he and his solo band headed to Sweden Rock Festival and filmed his live DVD concert which together comes along a 2 Disc audio set to form a tightly limited edition package titled “Live In Black”.

Is hard to believe that Jorn is now on his 8th solo album release including the 2 cover records and the Dio tribute record. The man has a lot to offer to the world and that’s not even counting his duo effort with Symphony X front man Russell Allen in the Allen/Lande projects albums which are all steady killer dose of metal.

The stage is set here with a rabid crowd of metal heads that come from all over Europe for one of the years biggest and strongest festivals at Sweden Rock Fest, and Jorn and company alongside guitarist Tore Moren, not Jorn Viggo Lofstad smoke a blazing metal set that includes some of the past material form his back catalog. Some classics come glaring with redemption, like the opener “Road To The Cross” and “Stormcrow”.

I like how Jorn usually sticks to what he does best, line by line he hits every note and uses the strength of his voice, while not overdoing it. He gives a nice nod to DIO on the track “Man of the Dark” towards the end, asking who’s the man? Obvious answer there. Another title shines with a crunchy guitar groove is the kick ass “Rock & Roll Angel” from his last record “Spirit Black”.

I don’t know about the guitar solos during the middle of the set as well as the odd drum solo, it kinda feels out of place, even though Moren is a sharp axeman I couldn’t help but wonder why throw in a guitar solo in the middle of the set like that. Lande sounds great as always with his Coverdale/Dio esque vocals hitting all notes on the fly without a hitch. For those of you wondering the difference between the 2 CD set and the DVD, well there’s really non except the Bonus Material on the DVD disc of the Song for Ronnie James (videoclip) and Man of the Dark (videoclip). All in all is a well put package that for fans that have not checked out his first DVD “Live from America” should definitely check this one out, as Jorn shines in every way possible and the production level is superb in a very nice setting for this type of music. Wrap it up seal and approved by the Norse God of Metal!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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