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The Best Rock Albums of 2011 List

Since the inception of our magazine we have not had a chance to release yearly best of list of albums that left a mark in the genres that we cover, Metal and Hard Rock. This is the best of list of 2011 both both categories of Metal and Rock. Enjoy and if 2012 is as good or better then last year then we are in for a real treat!!!.

Best Rock Albums 2011 List

By: Denys Jaime





Eclipse (2011)

Neal Schon and CO come back strong with a redefined new modern melodic rock style, plenty guitar solos proving that even in 2011 they are the kings of Melodic Rock!!!



Forevermore (2011)

Coverdale may look like he has had 10,000 plastic surgeries, but the band certainly break through with a killer bluesy traditional Snakebite….

What If...

Mr. Big

What If… (2011)

Just what you expect form Mr Big, great virtuosos who manned respect, a solid album once more.


Black Country Communion

2 (2011)

Not as good as their debut, but Glenn Hughes and this all star cast release a solid sophomore release. Check them out!!!

Testimony Two

Neal Morse

Testimony Two (2011)

Neal Morse makes music from the heart to your heart, the man writes with emotion and inspiration, something about this album touched me as does Neal’s music.

Mercury's Down

Toby Hitchcock

Mercury’s Down (2011)

The front man from Pride of Lions finally releases his first solo record and with an incredible voice shows you that this is only a stepping stone for a long career in the genre. Great melodic rock with plenty of hooks!!!



Shy (2011)

Totally out of nowhere came Shy with a return to form and some groundbreaking hooks and melodies, for the late Steve Harris’s memory, Shy left behind quite an album.

24 Hours

Richie Kotzen

24 Hours (2011)

Richie returns to form with one of he’s most consistent albums, great guitar playing as usual, entertaining lyrics alongside soulful/bluesy mix of goodies. Underrated songwriter and guitar player, must own!!!


Rob Moratti

Victory (2011)

Proving that he can do his own thing after leaving the famous Canadian band Saga, Rob Moratti lays down the mapping on how to make a Melodic Rock/AOR album!!!

Back to the Start


Back to the Start (2011)

The long-awaited second album from Airrace. It’s a notch heavier than «Shaft Of Light» yet continues to offer all of the group’s trademarks, including über-memorable hooks and the exquisite singing of Keith Murrell, recently named at #20 in Classic Rock Presents AOR magazine’s list of the Top 40 AOR Vocalists Of All Time.

Rhyme and Reason

Chris Ousey

Rhyme and Reason (2011)

The man with the golden tonsils jumps free on his solo record, paving new ground and breaking new barriers after an already storied career with Heartland.

Love Catastrophe


Love Catastrophe (2011)

Bob Katsionis, and the American vocalist Chandler Mogel and this Greece based Melodic Hard Rock outfit, released yet another strong sophomore album.

The Magnificent

The Magnificent

The Magnificent (2011)

Scandanavia Hard Rock with the amazing vocals of Circus Maximus’s Michael Eriksen…


Dr. Sin

Animal (2011)

Brazil’s Hard Rock great hope, these trio is one of the world’s kept secret when it comes to the genre. Great record!!!

Big Money

House of Lords

Big Money (2011)

James Christian’s voice never gets old, HOL keeps on trucking with another album full of anthems and attitude.



Lionville (2011)

Great Italian AOR project with the amazing vocals of Lars Säfsund from Work of Art guest.

Knock You Down


Knock You Down (2011)

One of Sweden’s top notch Hard Rock outfits releases a killer full of riffs effort.

In Progress

Work of Art

In Progress (2011)

Even though a bit systematic, this highly anticipated release from WOA does well in various ways.



Rockaholic (2011)

Mature songwriting alongside Robert Mason’s strong vocals makes this a very listenable Warrant album.


Grand Design

Idolizer (2011)

Sophomore release from these Swedes….showing you that it’s Deff Leppard inspired 80’s sound is still alive and well…

Vanity Kills

All I Know

Vanity Kills (2010)

All I Know releases their album under the label and it turns out a real gem of AOR, good stuff….

Temple of Rock

Michael Schenker

Temple of Rock (2011)

Schenker returns to shape with a strong effort that lends plenty of guest vocals, including the great Robin Maculey.

Let the Games Begin

Hell in the Club

Let the Games Begin (2011)

Keep en eye on this band, party hard rock with plenty of sleaze influence.

Back on Track


Back on Track (2011)

Solid effort with new vocalist although maybe missing a couple more stronger tunes to rank it higher.

This Is Gonna Hurt


This Is Gonna Hurt (2011)

Nikki Sixx and co man up and create a modern rock record with an alternative twist.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Rock Albums of 2011 List

  1. DR SIN is a fantastic brazilian band. ANDRIA BUSIC – BASS/VOCALS, EDUARDO ARDANUY – GUITARS and IVAN BUSIC – DRUMS/VOCALS are great musicians!!!

  2. Dr. Sin is a very complete band. Better of band of hard rock/ heavy metal the world.

  3. DR. SIN is definitely the best and most complete band in Brazil… Congratulations!!!

    STRONG LIKE A BOMB 2012 debut album coming soon. Produced by legendary brazilian Front Man Andria Busic (Dr.Sin). Check out our website for an exclusive preview. Thanks. S.L.A.B.


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