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Best Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2016 Myglobalmind Staff Picks

Another hard rocking year has come to pass and that means more great music has come and gone in 2016. The best part for us writers who get the privilege to listen to a boatload of great music every year is introducing you to our favorite albums throughout the year. This year our staff of writers is sharing […]

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The Best Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Albums of 2012 List

As a music writer, most of my time is spent ploughing through the endless new albums that come out, but nobody can listen to everything that is released, which is why there are so many discrepancy’s in people’s lists. That being said, I’ve spent the last two weeks re-listening to all of my favourite albums of the year and have somehow culled them down to fifteen metal releases and fifteen rock releases that I know will remain in my regular rotation well into the future.

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The Best Metal Albums of 2011 List

The year of Metal has had a vast variety of solid releases and just flat out kick ass music, if 2012 is as strong as this past year was in Metal, we are in for a real treat. Rawks!!! Here are the top 25 metal albums of 2011 and yes I know we left some out but is hard to top so many great releases in just 25 spots you know!!!