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King’s Call – Destiny Review

Released by: Masoleum Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Line Up:

Alex Garoufalidis: Guitars

Rick Chase: Vocals

Asec Bergemann: Drums



1. All You Can Do

2. To the Limit

3. Caught In a Lie

4. Crank Me Up

5. King’S Call

6. Never Be Alone

7. Shining

8. Crying Shame

9. Shaking

10. Destiny

11. Waiting For You

12. Love Will Find a Way


I had not heard of King’s Call before, when their promo came in recently I made the mistake of judging a book by it’s cover and when I looked at the interesting fantasy cover, I was thinking I was hearing a typical Power Metal band from Europe; I was wrong. These guys are an international band which play the Melodic Hard Rock style quite effective to my surprise. The band features Alex Garoufalidis (band leader, songwriter, guitarist, vocalist. The band also added Rick Chase,previously associated with ‘Mama’s Boys’, ‘Double Cross’, ‘Alibi’ to take over vocal duties on this record.

I had not heard too much press on this band but I have to say their music while not forcefully heavier then other Hard Rock bands, the guitar playing is very solid and the vocals of Rich Chase are a nice addition to the core of the band. The guitar playing as mentioned earlier is quite good and on songs like “Caught in a Lie” and the more faster up tempo rocker “Crank Me Up”, Garoufalidis does a nice job with some melodic hooks and solos. The cranking metal riff that gets things started on the tune “Shining” leads way into some smooth vocal deliveries and addictive chorus by once more by Mr. Chase, a very nice tune here with a Melodic Rock undertone all over making one of the best on the record.

The majestic groove of the album’s title track “Destiny” is epic, a mix of everything here, some classic rock riff opens up the tune, later plows its way with a menacing groove lead rhythm, and some overpowered high rising choruses which make this tune the best on the album, great stuff.

Yes I’m glad I decided to crank this one up and give it a chance, as we get crank in the new yeast 2011 albums, which already was a bang up one for the genres of Melodic Rock and Hard Rock with plentiful of good releases, but we tend to try to find albums that go under the radar, and I hope with King’s Call’s  Destiny they can break through because is certainly well deserved.  A nice solid piece of Melodic Hard Rock with some boastful vocals by Rick Chase. The guitars are exquisitely played and in the end all balances itself out and lands King’s Call under the underdogs bands that has to be heard and given more a listen. Good job guys!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10


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