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Trucker Diablo – The Devil Rhythm Review

Released by: Ripple Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Tom Harte: Guitar/Vocals

Simon Haddock: Guitar/Vocals

Glenn Harrison: Bass Guitar

Terry Crawford: Drums



01.Another Ray of Light

02.Beginning of the End

03.No Way No Limit




07.Physicalli Alive

08.Born Criminal

09.Green Tiny Monsters



My knowledge of Ireland I must admit is pretty limited. But after spending some time with the latest release from TRUCKER DIABLO I am almost convinced that Ireland must have a Deep South, or something of a similar vein. The reason I say this is that the music found on THE DEVIL RHYTHM has that unmistakable modern southern rock feel to it, albeit mixed with a touch of metal and a heavy slab of classic rock. The album was initially self-released by the band back in 2010, but is being re-released in 2012 by Ripple Music Records, an upstart label that have had some pretty impressive early releases.


The pacing of THE DEVIL RHYTHM is full-throttle from start to finish, with not really any respite in between, which really does it the feeling of a powered-up steam train, or dare I say it big truck. Occasionally things change up slightly, for example, the half-way point of the album, NEVER TOO LATE TO SIN actually increases the already full-on intensity and comes off sounding something akin to a ROB ZOMBIE track. Then you have DIRTY LOVE, which has a very late-seventies, early-eighties hard rock feel to it. The rest of the material is if you can imagine, a more classic rock feeling SEETHER, a less wussified NICKELBACK and a more modernized WISHBONE ASH. I guess with the muddy riffery involved you could almost say it has a bit of a stoner rock feel to it as-well, but nowhere near as slow of course.


Just to solidify TRUCKER DIABLO as a band on the rise, interest has been shown in them from some pretty respectable sources including Joe Elliot (DEF LEPPARD) and THIN LIZZY’s Ricky Warwick, who actually guests on the kick-ass track JUGGERNAUT. When industry folk start throwing their weight behind a new band you know that there is some serious potential, the bonus with TRUCKER DIABLO is that they can walk to walk as well as talk the talk and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before these guys are rising the ranks. Easily one of the best ass-kickin’ rock bands to come out of Ireland in at least a decade.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10


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