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Released by: Perris Records

Release Date: Out Now!!

Genre: AOR




City (Days)

1. Beggars Day

2. Father

3. Footprints

4. Brand New Start

5. Jenny

6. Guardian Angel

7. The End Of The Day

8. Lift Me Up

9. Daydreaming

10. Business

11. Waiting For Dawn (Lullaby)


City (Nights)

1. Drifting Away

2. Ghosts

3. Taste Of The Past

4. Crashing Down

5. Memory Of Blue Eyes

6. Someday

7. Insomnia

8. Promised Land

9. Just One Kiss On Your Heart

10. Out Of The Dream

11. (Goodbye To) The Good Old Days


Not one, but we received in total two new CDs of SILENCE, the French band formed around multi-instrumentalist BRUNO LEVESQUE. We reviewed most of his albums in the past and it seems that with every new release he is learning how to create an even better AOR record, because these 2 new albums contain some really excellent AOR actually.

It reminds me a lot of the Brazilian multi-instrumentalist MARCO FERREIRA, who creates the exact same kinda AOR on his recordings. Bruno also takes care of basically everything, except for the vocal part. For a French band, the AOR on the 2 albums sounds really international and can easily be checked out by all the AOR fans worldwide. The band features a great lead singer called BEN VENET and if we have a quick run through the tracks on both albums, the absolute highlights on the ‘Days’ CD are the midtempo AOR pieces of “The end of the day” and “Lift me up” (with female guest singer JUSTINE VENET) and the uptempo DAREish “Guardian angel”, but each track of the included 11 is a pleasure to listen to.

This is prime-time AOR, played at a high level and therefore recommended to check out. The best songs on the other CD ‘Nights’ are uptempo pieces like “Drifting away”, “Ghosts”, “Crashing down” and “Just one kiss on your heart” and despite the split on 2 CDs, also this album is also pure AOR based, although perhaps a little heavier and rockier sometimes, with a couple of Melodic Hardrock based tunes slipped through. The difference might be that the night CD is more uptempo, where as the day CD is midtempo orientated. Anyway, both albums are highly recommended to the AOR fans, so make sure not to miss this great AOR adventure.


Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor    8/10


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