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Sacred Dominion – The Inside Review

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal




Line Up:

Mario Brescia – lead vocals

Daniel Corso – guitar

Benjamin J Chiarini – bass

Jeff Anzelone – drums

Dave Watson – keyboards



1. The Inside

2. Closer

3. Memento Mori

4. Time to Sail

5. Somewhere

6. Losing Ground

7. Open Minds

8. Desert to Dust


As hard as it is to find quality material in the pool of music promotions that we indulge ourselves each and every day, generally diamonds in the rough are hard to find simply because of the amount of music that falls short, but in certain instances you come across bands like the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s own Progressive Metal outfit Sacred Dominion and then it validates all those hours spent listening to music everyday and trying to translate those sounds to paper or in our case our online magazine Myglobalmind.

Sacred Dominion actually released their latest effort locally back in 2011 and has been making an effort to try to push their music to higher places all in hopes of being sign to a decent label that will give them exposure. We all know the rigors that an unsigned band goes through especially when you’re an independent up and coming band and plays this style of genre, but the good news is the guys have been making progress on the road, and with the quality of material on “The Inside” honestly I’m not in the least surprised. It’s still a mystery to me why SD has not been signed, perhaps I can persuade you a bit yeah?

As we hear a dark brooding interlude intro to opens thing up, it rather quickly picks up when the anthem chorus swings of “Closer” kick things effortlessly with lead singer Mario Brescia spreads his muscle, meanwhile axeman Danny Corso drops a rhythm that brings memories of bands like Iced Earth for instance. More heavy hitting choruses fill the air when the excellent number “Time to Sail” shows on the record, the dominating guitar licks still reign in full force. Perhaps one of the strongest tunes on the album presents itself via “Somewhere” where you can sense a full force of artistic catapult stumping down on this excellent record. Great job by all the band members as they variate between the different up tempo shift grooves on this song. The words of despair come crashing with an emphatic thunder on the piercing groove of “Losing Ground”, another excellent high rising vocal song and riffest.

The sound on “The Inside” delves in the art progressive rock/metal category as hints of early Queensryche and Fates Warning as a backdrop but it incorporates elements of Progressive Rock, Shred and Modern Hard Rock as well all come to mind when you listen hard, and these bring moments offer pristine clarity with enough intricacies that make the music stand out in it s own right. Lead singer Mario Brescia is terrific as the dude hits some high notes on alot of these songs, and Danny Corso their guitar axemaster brings solidity to the album with strong licks and shredfast guitar rhythms.The rest of the band compliments the overall sound with with tight musicianship and skill.

The production value is not bad for a small production and on a limited funding basis Sacred does a mighty job with their sound, but hopefully WHEN not “if” they are signed their sound will feel more vibrant with a bigger production on tap and new material. A real plesasant surprise to my ears to find these guys are still in the “unsigned” category as any progressive metal/heavy metal label needs to seriously check them out and let your ears be the judge. Not much to gripe about as solid as it comes, my hope that the band finds the right label soon to help compliment their talents and obviously credible musicianship by all members involved. Check out “The Inside” source you won’t regret it.


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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