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Ripe – The Eloquence of Silence Review

Released by: Mighty Music/Target

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal



Line Up:

Michael Bastholm Dahl – vocals

Jakob Højgård Olsen – Guitar

Jeppe Høiby – Guitar

Lars Byskov Madsen – Bass

Peter Egtved – Drums



1. Fade To Rise

2. A Riddle In The Dark

3. The Candle And The Sun

4. Dreamwalker

5. A Part Apart

6. Bloodlust

7. Saint Of The Scar

8. Xenophobe In Hiding

9. Porcelain Goddess

10. Song For A Shadow

11. Above Inside

12. Ghost Of A Rose


As this 2012 year comes to a close there are still great releases coming out faster then we can hear them and making our top lists of best albums of 2012 that much difficult. Here we have the Danish Power/Metalodic Metal band Ripe with their second studio record titled “The Eloquence of Silence” that comes to us via Mighty Music/Target Distribution. Although the band’s only second outing, they have actually been around since 2001 calling base of operations in Copenhagen. The band welcomes new addition to the fold in vocalist from the veteran Thrashers Artillery singer Michael Bastholm which add some steel solid pipes to this welcoming effort.

Ripe waited till the right time to blossom here as it’s near the end of the year and it usually takes some strong music to take our attention span despite all the recurrent great albums throughout the year, but they have done it and The Eloquence of Silence delivers on all melodic/heavy metal angles. This record has features that entail some serious licks and hooks that brings all the elements of Melodic Heavy Metal without any failing trepidation. Lead vocals are handled by Bastholm with a big emphasis on high grandiose hooks and adding a punishing feverish pitch. The guitars courtesy of Jakob Højgård Olsen and Jeppe Høiby are as much dynamic as they are explosive and they lead each song with a thunderous heard.

Ripe wastes no time when they kick things with a scorcher opening in “Fade to Rise” only to be followed by a wall of melodic disturbance on “Dreamwalker”, which despite it’s repetitive chorus it wastes no time in leaving a stout impression  A great track that features the power vocals of Bastholm is the amazing groove of “Saint of the Scar”. The frenetic tempo of “Porcelain Goddess” is another top number marrying the previous tunes from earlier in the record.

I found myself admiring the way Ripe brings in elements of 80’s and 90’s Heavy Metal and it’s melodic Heavy Hard Rock grooves all into this giant implosion of their sound; something that has worked for some bands already this year andhas been a huge part of leaving a lasting impression on critics. I found hard not to compared some parts of their sound to bands like Crimson Glory and it’s Hard Rock roots borrowing elements of Pretty Maids, no surprise since the Maids hail from Denmark as well. A no bull record that brings massive hooks and melodies while not sacrificing it’s premier musicianship. It’s relentless pace doesn’t get overwhelming and in the end wraps up with a solid reprise. Great record to tap off another Heavy Metal album to the MUST CHECK OUT LIST!!!


Written by Denys

Ratings    Denys    8/10

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