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Jamie Alimorad – Cornerstone/Words Left Unsaid Review

jamie alimorad words left unsaid cover

Released by: Self Release

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock/Pop





1. Tiffany

2. Dancing With You

3. Can’t Stop Thinking About You

4. Someday, Somewhere

5. Weapon

6. That’s What She Said

7. Beautiful

8. Get You Back

9. Does It Really Have To End This Way

10. Crawling Back To Me

11. Don’t Say It’s Over

12. Forever And A Day


Out of Boston comes singer/songwriter JAMIE ALIMORAD and I am safe to say that finally we have here a true AOR performer in the original 80s American tradition. His mentor was FEE WAYBILL and musically he is influenced by RICK SPRINGFIELD.

The 4 incredible catchy tunes on his 2010 released debut EP ‘Cornerstone’ come across like a mix between the 80s Poprock of BRYAN ADAMS, RICHARD MARX, DENNIS DEYOUNG, RICK MATHEWS, DANNY WILDE and a strong touch of 80s Classic AOR/Radiorock that recall SIGNAL, JIMMY DAVIS, VAN STEPHENSON and PREVIEW. Jamie’s vocals are spot-on and breathe pure 80s American AOR and so is the music, which in the end makes this EP a wet dream for any fan of 80s American Singer-Songwriter AOR-Rock. Uptempo catchy AOR/Poprock is the name of the game on especially the EP ‘Cornerstone’, with such tunes like “What you have”, “She is…” and the massive sounding “Say with me” (in the style of the ANDY TAYLOR classic “I might lie”), all a must-hear if you’re a real AOR fan!

Closing track “In her smile” is a little more laid-back, but still AOR all the way and actually sounding dangerously close to VAN STEPHENSON and BRYAN ADAMS! The new and also first full-length CD of Jamie is titled ‘Words left unsaid’ and happily this record continues the style of the EP, so once again happy summer radiofriendly catchy AOR/Poprock with clean melodies, catchy hooks and superb vocals. Highlights on this CD are the uptempo Rockers “Tiffany” (RICK SPRINGFIELD meets the very first HAREM SCAREM!), “Does it really have to end this way?”, “Dancing with you” and “Don’t say it’s over”, the midtempo “Beautiful” and the fantastic closing AOR ballad “Forever and a day”. The album is a little more diverse than the EP and also add some modern Rock influences (kinda like the latest NIGHT RANGER and RICK SPRINGFIELD albums during a song like “Crawling back to me”), which is a good thing and also the production/sound quality is huge, compared to the EP!

If there’s one artist I would like to highly recommend at the moment then it is JAMIE ALIMORAD. Now this is how AOR should sound like! Forget all those European AOR wanna-bee bands and all the AOR label organised projects, because here we have something really original in the shape of a multi-instrumentalist/ singer/songwriter, who is able to write original catchy AOR/Melodic Poprock tunes in the style of the American/Canadian tradition of legendary artists like VAN STEPHENSON, RICK MATHEWS, RICK SPRINGFIELD, BRYAN ADAMS, BUTCH WALKER, BERNIE LABARGE, STAN MEISSNER and even STAN BUSH!



Written by Gabor

Ratings    Gabor     9/10



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16 thoughts on “Jamie Alimorad – Cornerstone/Words Left Unsaid Review

  1. I’ve seen Jamie in concert several times in New York and if you like the albums, you need to catch a concert of his. Wow! This guy is even better in person!

  2. I saw Jamie play at the Whisky A Go-Go this summer and he was amazing. He headlined and the other bands were all heavy metal. Idk how he got on that bill, but regardless he turned that whole crowd into his fans. It was awesome seeing all the metal heads, male and female, bopping up and down and dancing. Can’t wait to see him again!

  3. I’ve been following Jamie since his first shows at Northeastern. He’s grown tremendously and he is an incredible person! Nobody deserves success more than him.

  4. Just took a listen to his music! Wow he’s amazing! Thank you Myglobalmind for introducing me to such great talent!

  5. Started listening to Jamie a few days ago via ReverbNation and he’s an extremely talented guy.

  6. Been listening to Jamie for the past year and a half and he’s the best singer I’ve heard in a long time!

  7. I’m a huge fan of Jamie Alimorad. He’s got a great sound – great look – great everything. Love his writing and hope to see him in person some day soon.


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