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The Pat Travers Band – Can Do Review

pat travers_can do cover

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Jul 5th, 2013

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Pat Travers: Guitar and Vocals

Kirk McKim: Guitar

Sandy Gennaro: Drums

Rodney O’Quinn: Bass Guitar

Monica Travers: Backing Vocals

Sean Shannon: Drums and Percussion

Doug Bare: Keyboards

Carl Cleaver: Keyboards



01. Can Do

02. Stand Up

03. Diamond Girl

04. I’m With You

05. Long Time Gone

06. Wanted (That Was Then, This Is Now)

07. Armed & Dangerous

08. Here Comes The Rain

09. Keep Calm & Carry On

10. Dust & Bones

11. Waitin’ On The End Of Time

12. Red Neck Boogie


If you’re not familiar with the name Pat Travers, don’t feel left out. He’s not a household name despite having been in the business since the mid to late 70’s and had a couple relative hits with “Snortin’ Whiskey” and “Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights.)” Chances are better that you know those songs more so than the performer. In fact, Travers band has had such powerhouses as Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden,) Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy, Black Oak Arkansas, Whitesnake,) and Carmine Appice (King Kobra, Cactus, Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart) that people will have been more apt to have heard than the Toronto born singer/guitarist. He is hailed by Kirk Hammett (Metallica) as being one of his favorite players, and it’s a shame more people aren’t as familiar with his music as they are.

I’ll even be honest and say that I, sadly, fall into the category of people that have little knowledge of him beyond the above mentioned tracks (though I am in the minority of people that actually know his name.) Regretfully I’ve never really sought out more of his music to become familiar with him until now. With his newest album Can Do on Frontiers Records, I’m even more anxious to investigate his back catalog. If his older albums are even half as good as this one I am in for a treat. Straight forward rock with blues influence is essentially what his sound is. Meat and potatoes rock in the same style as a Rick Derringer or Robin Trower, though leaning closer to the rock aspect with blues laden solos, and perhaps hints of Thin Lizzy as well. His songs have a great melodic feel to them, which is something I look for in music I listen to the most. With songs like “Diamond Girl,” “Long Time Gone,” the great cover of the Eurythmics classic “Here Comes the Rain,” and “Armed and Dangerous” you simply get an excellent album for just kicking back with some great friends. And really, in this day and age, what more can you ask for from music?

I hang my head in shame for not paying closer attention to Pat Travers work over the years, but thanks to his throwback premiere release on Frontiers Records Can Do I plan on rectifying that immediately. This will be an album that will likely find its way back into my player many times over the years


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    8/10



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