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Voodoo Vegas – The Rise Of Jimmy Silver Review

voodoo vegas_cover

Released by: Cargo Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Lawrence Case – Vox/Harmonica

Nick Brown – Guitar/Acoustic Guitar

Merylina Hamilton – Guitar

Ash Moulton – Bass

Matt Jolly – Drums



01. Intro

02. King Without A Crown

03. Bullet

04. No More

05. What I Pay

06. Interlude

07. Mary Jane

08. Ferry Song

09. Lost In Confusion

10. So Unkind

11. Jimmy Silver


Voodoo Vegas is a young band from Bournemouth, England. Getting their start back in 2006 they finally released their debut album, The Rise Of Jimmy Silver, this year. They spent the intervening years playing gigs and honing their skills, supporting, among others, classic rockers Uriah Heep and newer bands like Fozzy. And with their brand of blues oriented hard rock they easily fit in with both the old and new, and everything inbetween. Think of a better version of AC/DC mixed with something striving for, but not quite reaching, Love/Hate.

At just under 35 minutes the album is quick and to the point. And the point is a striped down, no frills, borderline simplistic, run through the typical bluesy hard rock sound. Basically, Voodoo Vegas is not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. Having said that, though, this is not a bad album. The songs have a lot energy, which I would imagine easily translates into a fun live show. The band members, Lawrence Case (lead vocalist – who from time to time sounds like Stephen Pearcy, which is a good thing), Ash Moultan (bass), Matt Jolly (drums), and Nick Brown and Meryl Hamilton (guitars) all play their respective instruments well.

One thing the band and the album having going for themselves is attitude. The kind of in your face, screw you, let’s party and have a kickass time attitude. Unfortunately that attitude can’t raise the album above average. Songs like King Without A Crown, Bullet, Mary Jane, and So Unkind are just your typical blues/hard rock fare. And what blues oriented rock album wouldn’t be complete without a piano/harmonica influenced song. Unfortunately the band included just such a song with Ferry Song. There are some memorable moments on the album. There are many cool guitar solos. The slide guitar solo on What I Pay is the standout. Lost In Confusion is only ballad and the best song on the album. Stevie Vann Lange, who has lent her voice to Def Leppard, among others, sings back up on Lost In Confusion and adds the perfect touch to the song.

The Rise Of Jimmy Silver is average at best. It has it’s good moments and not so good moments. At times I found my myself tapping my foot to a cool beat. But I also found myself wanting to skip a song from time to time. The band gets an 8 for attitude. The album gets a 5.


Written    by    Jeff Dupas

Ratings    Jeff    5/10


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