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Watain, In Solitude & Tribulation Live at Irving Plaza, NYC on October 8th, 2013





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The City of NYC was witness to the 1st night of the Watain’s “The Wild Hunt ” North American tour, featuring fellow Swedes In Solitude and Tribulation’s first American tour. Since the release of the “The Wild Hunt” not only have Watain solidified their following worldwide, but gained many more fans. The NYC fans were for a night with the devil.

Tribulation were sort of the new comers of this tour, yet the band had a pretty decent fan base here. Their last release being the “Formulas of Death” had given them notoriety before they were announced on the bill, which of course was a nice surprise to the US fans. They were definitely exited to be part of this tour and being on the states for the first time and stood by their merch stand before the show begun to openly their fans, and the curious…

As a part of last year’s Decibel Magazine tour ft. Watain/Behemoth, In Solitude has also set a solid fan base that keeps growing and growing . Their latest release “Sister” has also been regarded as “One of the best albums of ’13” by MSN entertainment, and has received 4-5 star reviews by many. Not only have they solidified a fan base, but it seems that they have finally found their signature sound. They had started out the moshing of the night. They were highly energetic on stage and hypnotizing on stage, as the singer Pelle Ahman, seemed to be overtaken by the profundity of their music. They played the single “Lavender” for the first time, as well as the tittle track “Sister” and a “Buried Sun”, which was pure, raw and dark emotion and hair raising for the fans.

Watain has always been an NYC favorite, not only have they left their mark on the city, but have begun setting the world aflame with “The Wild Hunt”. It would not be surprising that their loyal disciples would undoubtedly assemble for this “ritual”. As their eerie performance began, the front row fans were showered by some form of animal blood. This only lead to a more brutal performance though out the night. Not only was there raw energy being manifested but also something more dark and far malignant. The chilling vocals and echo drums only added to the possessed-like state of many fans. They performed a variety of songs from all their releases, bringing back tracks like “Satan’s Hunger” , “The Serpent’s Chalice” & “On Horns Impaled”. Also the “De Profundis”, “Outlaw” & “All That May Bleed” made their second appearance since their release. A highly emotional night that could only have ended with the first live performance of tittle track, “The Wild Hunt”.



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Oct. 12–Toronto, ON–Opera House

Oct. 14–Detroit, MI–The Magic Stick

Oct. 15–Chicago, IL–Bottom Lounge

Oct. 16–Minneapolis, MN–Triple Rock Social Club

Oct. 18–Denver, CO–Marquis Theatre

Oct. 19–Salt Lake City, UT–In The Venue

Oct. 21–Seattle, WA–Studio Seven

Oct. 22–Vancouver, BC–Rickshaw

Oct. 23–Portland, OR–Hawthorne Theater

Oct. 25–Oakland, CA–Oakland Metro

Oct. 26–Los Angeles, CA–VEX

Oct. 27–Phoenix, AZ–Rocky Point Cantina

Oct. 28–Albuquerque, NM–Launch Pad

Oct. 30–Austin, TX–Red 7

Nov. 1–Atlanta, GA–Masquerade Hell

Nov. 2–Charlotte, NC–The Casbah

Nov. 3–Baltimore, MD–Baltimore Sound Stage


The Wild Hunt is out now and is a sonic and lyrical tour-de-force that explores WATAIN’s roots, such as BATHORY and DISSECTION, while also remaining truly unique. Having lost none of their integrity, WATAIN continues to push the boundaries of the scene with their fifth full-length, refusing to compromise their sound and vision. Amid the tracks teeming with the band’s classic sound, The Wild Hunt also features clean vocals (a first for the trio!) which, as front-man Erik puts it, “…is just us being brutally personal and honest. It shows another important facet of the WATAIN world.” As this new album will soon prove, WATAIN truly lives in a world all their own.

For a preview of The Wild Hunt, be sure to check out the following previously released singles: “All That May Bleed” and “The Child Must Die“.


The Wild Hunt track-listing

1. Night Vision (3:39)

2. De Profundis (4:33)

3. Black Flames March (6:21)

4. All That May Bleed (4:36)

5. The Child Must Die (6:04)

6. They Rode On (8:43)

7. Sleepless Evil (5:38)

8. The Wild Hunt (6:21)

9. Outlaw (5:07)

10. Ignem Veni Mittere (4:39)

11. Holocaust Dawn (7:07)


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