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Reverend – World Won’t Miss You & Play God Review

reverend_cover reverence II _cover

Released by: Divebomb Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Trash Metal




1. Remission
2. Another Form of Greed
3. Scattered Wits
4. Desperate
5. Leader of Fools
6. World Won’t Miss You
7. Rude Awakening
8. Gunpoint
9. Killing Time
10. Hand Of Doom
11. 11th Hour

12. Power Of Persuasion
13. Dimensional Confusion
14. Wretched Excess
15. Ritual


1. Butcher Of Baghdad
2. Heaven On Earth
3. Fortunate Son
4. Blessings
5. Promised Land
6. Play God
7. Warp The Mind
8. What You’re Looking For
9. Blackened Thrive
10. Death Of Me
11. Far Away

12. Gunpoint
13. World Won’t Miss You
14. Scattered Wits
15. Butcher Of Baghdad
16. Promised Land
17. The Power Of Persuasion


Most metalheads know the name Metal Church. They’re one of those bands that falls on many lists of best classic thrash bands that would easily fall into an extended Big 4 list. They’re definitely one of my favorites of all time. Even though the musicianship and songs was the biggest draw for me, I was also intrigued by the vocals of David Wayne. My first taste of Metal Church was the album The Dark and especially the video of “Watch the Children Pray.” I was sad when he left the band (though the album Blessing In Disguise remains one of my all-time favorite of the band,) but was excited he was starting his own band which was to be called Reverend. That band wasn’t as known as Metal Church, but released two albums that I feel should be just as heralded in the thrash metal world as anyone else. Those albums are World Won’t Miss You and Play God. And thanks to Divebomb Records, both are now available on CD in deluxe format and I for one couldn’t be more excited about this news.

First is 1990’s World Won’t Miss You. Coming at a time when metal was slowly being replaced by grunge, many bands of the previous era even recording albums in that vein, Reverend (forming out of Wayne’s split with Metal Church and him hooking up with the remaining members of the band Heretic who had recently lost their singer to…Metal Church) said to hell with it and stuck with the same blistering thrash sound that brought both bands to prominence. I absolutely loved this album when it came out and though it doesn’t sound exactly like Metal Church, it was close enough for me and having two bands of this magnitude was perfect. Quickly releasing the follow up Play God in 91 the band continued its thrash assault on the world of grunge. And without missing a beat released another amazing album. Both albums are fast paced thrash brutality that kicks in your teeth while bashing your head in. With the deluxe treatment both albums no only sound great and contain bonus tracks, studio for World and live stuff on God. Not only are both of these albums perfect albums for thrash fans, but they’re loving testimonies to the loss of David Wayne in 2005. He is gone, but his legacy lives on in his music.

As a longtime fan of Reverend, I’m so happy to have been able to revisit these albums and hear some songs I not only haven’t heard in a long time, but hear some tracks I hadn’t heard before. Divebomb has done an amazing job bringing these out. For fans of this band, Metal Church, or old school thrash metal, these are must have albums for your collection. They sound just as brutal as they did all these years ago. Both albums are equal in their awesomeness if you ask me. They both get 9 out of 10 from me.



Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10


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