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Gus G Live at the Academy 3, Manchester on February 21st, 2015



Review by Lindsey Appleton

Photos by Lindsey Appleton – LA Photography



First on stage are the female fronted rock band Skarlett Riot who are a 4 piece.

This being the first time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live, a friend had recommended them to me and referred to them as a heavier version of Paramore, I have got to say they absolutely blew me away.

Vocalist Chloe Drinkwater has a silvery voice and great versatility which she shows throughout each of the songs. Guitarist and Bass player complemented each other with their styles of playing and their performance flawless, watching these musicians gives you a real sense of emotion and you cant help but really feel the music.

The crowds sang along with favorites such as ‘Divide us’ and ‘Villain’. These are a band not to be missed, an absolutely amazing set by these guys tonight.



Next up are Arthemis, a 4 piece Metal band that hail from Italy.

Fabio’s stage presence draws the crowd in with his cheeky lovable personality, and fantastic vocals. Having seen these guys on numerous occasions i try not to be biased but this is a band thats really going places.

With 4 musicians that gel so well together their performance spectacular, its no wonder these guys are in popular demand. They get the crowd pumping with songs such as ‘Scars on Scars’, ‘Vortex’ and ‘7 days’ to which the crowd chant along with throwing the horns in the air saluting the band after each song.


Andreas guitar playing is nothing more than memorising, this is a guy that has extreme talent, watching him shred just makes you want to jump in the pit and mosh to their music. His riffs are tantalising.

Personally i would have liked them to do a longer set, 30minutes of these guys just wasn’t enough for me and left me wanting more. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these guys id highly recommend you get down to one of their gigs.


Last on is the mighty Gus G.

Gus G being the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and Greek band Firewind, was about to deliver us with his new Solo album live here in Manchester.

The crowds already hyped up on energy from the first two bands were now gaining in numbers, and the atmosphere in the venue was building with excitement. As the band strides out onto the stage the fans give an all mighty roar, which tells you exactly how the rest of the gig is going to go.


The songs are driven and powerful, Henning’s voice bellows, along with Gus G shredding and ripping the stage apart with his solos which hits you like an penetrating assault on your ears, there’s a mass of intensity within their performance as a band.

The songs vary in dynamic going from the traditional rock, to metal showing how versatile the musicians can be within their playing abilities.

This was an amazing night with 3 amazing bands, The Gus G ‘We Are The Fire’ European tour has only just begun so get yourself to one of the available tour dates and don’t miss out!.



1 My Will be Done

2 Eyes Wide Open

3 Blame It On Me

4 Vengeance

5 Break the Chains

6 World on Fire

7 The Fire and the Fury

8 Terrified

9 Redemption

10 Long Way Down

11 Summer Days

12 Children of the Night

13 I am the Fire

14 Crazytrain

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