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Doyle at The Rave, Milwaukee 28 March 2015

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Live review and photo credit: Dave Burke (Journalist/Writer/Contributor) Myglobalmind Webzine

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (real name, Paul Caiafa), entered the music business in 1980 at the tender age of 16 as guitarist of the legendary punk band the Misfits. Working initially as a roadie, he was taught to play guitar by his older brother, bassist Jerry Only and vocalist and songwriter Glen Danzig. After the dissolution of the Danzig lead Misfits in 1983, Doyle & Jerry went on to release one EP as Kryst the Conqueror in 1989 before reforming the Misfits in 1995. Doyle would leave the Misfits fold for good in 2000 and release one album with his band Gorgeous Frankenstein in 2007.

After several years of periodic appearances with Danzig’s solo band performing sets of Misfits classics Doyle formed his eponymous band “Doyle” with “Cancerslug” vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story and self released “Abominator” on his own “Monsterman Records” in 2013.

Still criss crossing the US promoting that 2013 release, Doyle’s stop at Milwaukee’s “The Rave” was as special guest in support of the Industrial Metal act Musroomhead. Their 40 minute set focused predominately on Abominator, kicking off with the title track, it’s Black Sabbathesque doom quickly giving way to frenzied thrash. Similar to his work in the Misfits, the lyrical content of Abominator is strictly rooted in images of cartoon horror, death, necrophilia ect. While not having quite the same nod and a wink playfulness that Alice Cooper used to mine those subjects 40 years earlier, it’s hard to take the lyrics to seriously. The catchy choruses and Story’s melodic yell somehow still keep lyrics like “Now this shit world ends, by my hand / You will pray for death, Abominator” some how fun.

In addition to Story, the touring band is rounded out by former T.S.O.L. drummer Anthony “Tiny Bubz” Biuso and bassist Dietrich Thrall. Doyle himself, is an imposing and impressive figure on stage, his face painted in his signature ghoul makeup, his trademark “Devil’s Lock” hairstyle hanging down past his chin. At age he 50 still possess the muscular physique of a body builder and stomps around the stage like the film monster with whom he shares his surname, pounding out riffs and minimalistic solos, alternating between downstrokes and straight up bashing of his right hand.

In addition to the title track the set was filled with Abominator highlights like “Land of The Dead”, “Mark Of The Beast”, “Love Like Murder”, the swinging “Cemeterysexxx” and the albums lead single “Valley Of The Shadows”, finishing the night with the album closer “Hope Hell Is Warm”. In addition to the Abominator cuts long time fans were treated to a quartet of Misfits classic throughout the course of the night including “Hybrid Moments”, “Where Eagles Dare”, “Die Die My Darling” and “Last Caress”.

If heavy music is you thing, “Doyle” has plenty to offer. The band is tight with a big full sound and Doyle and Story have managed to weave elements of punk, doom, horror and thrash together seamlessly while still retaining a sense of melody & groove.

Reportedly “Doyle” has a 2nd album mostly completed and awaiting release. I look forward to hearing it and their return to the Milwaukee area. “Doyle” will be out on tour the rest of the spring either with Mushroomhead or on his own, check for dates in your area.

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