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Sevendust – Kill the Flaw Review



Released by: 7Bros. Records

Release date: 2nd October 2015

Genre: Alt-Metal




Lajon Witherspoon – Vocals

John Connolly – Guitars

Clint Lowery – Guitars

Vince Hornsby – Bass

Morgan Rose – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Thank You

02. Death Dance

03. Forget

04. Letters

05. Cease and Desist

06. Not Today

07. Chop

08. Kill The Flaw

09. Silly Beast

10. Peace and Destruction

11. Torched

Sevendust are back with their 11th studio album released just recently. ‘Kill the Flaw’ is only one of 3 self-produced and recorded records to date. Kicking in with some powerful beats, we immediately have on our hands an attention grabber, cue very pleased fans. Track one ‘Thank you’ leaves a cracking impression featuring sweet licks, Grunge melodies and Alt Metal growls, something you’d expect from Sevendust but still a somewhat different vibe to previous projects.

Forming in 1994 this American band from Georgia certainly had their creative juices flowing during the writing process of ‘Kill the Flaw’. What we have is a final outcome that’s very raw and somewhat unplugged in comparison to latter albums such as ‘Cold Day Memory’, ‘Black out the Sun’ and ‘Time Travelers and Bonfires’ to name a few of the most recent. With a little bit of everything included from haunting introductions to growls, deep vocals and screams there’s a little variety of Metal genres for everyone. Catchy and rhythmic throughout; I was hooked.

Having listened to this album on various occasions since receiving it I have decided it’s certainly something edgy and you can most definitely, as cheesy as it sounds, rock out to it. Filled with energy and power ‘Kill the Flaw’ introduces a new life to the Metal scene, its dramatic tunes are well thought out and well put together.

Listed track number 3 on the album is ‘Forget’ jumping straight into the song, no messing around and appearing very catchy makes this one of my stand out tracks. When I hear this tune I am reminded of the softer era we heard from Asking Alexandria with ever changing Grunge to Nu- Metal and then back to standard Rock vocals. It seems strange that an album can involve so much genre and variety but in a way you cannot be tied to the same brush in a bulk music genre, sub genres are also important. Sevendust make use of this opportunity to show diversity brilliantly.

‘Cease and desist’ track 5 on the album is another personal favourite due to the heartfelt performance I can decipher from this particular song. Both vocal and instrumental presentations are on point. A pounding kick drum, drum snare and marathon vocal range accompanied by a fantastic guitar solo and some traversing of the guitar neck results in none other than very pleasing echoes to the ear.

As you continue into the album you will notice there are some real technical rhythms involved. Written in a Mystical, Thriller way mixed with a hint of suspense it draws the listener in and keeps the obvious Metal song contributions involved, all as to be expected. I would say this new material is a true representation of their capabilities as a band and certainly fits the criteria for an awesome Alt Metal album complete with 11 tracks. I’d say it’s making a statement and if you haven’t heard it already, it’s a definite must, you’re missing out.

Written by: Alex Alicia Firth


Ratings: ALEX ALICIA 8/10



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