MANTAR Sign with Nuclear Blast, work on new album & release studio video

Northern Germany’s infernal extreme metal duo Mantar have inked a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast.

Commented the band:
“We never had any plans to think this big with the band, but for some strange reason people seem to dig it. Within just two years we got the chance to play ********* of shows all over Europe and the USA and meet people from all over the world. Actually, we were not even 100% sure if we wanted to do another record, but there were so many people out there who were begging for more that we just gave it a shot. Well, here we are… Glad to have found a powerful partner that puts trust in the band, respects our DIY background and is able to finally poison the whole world with our records. Never stop the madness!”

Nuclear Blast’s head of A&R and label manager Andy Siry added:
Mantar is the band we’ve been waiting for. Their sheer brutality and passion for honest and deep darkness just blew us away from the get-go. When we met it was just love at first sight. Mantar is as genuine as it gets – on a musical as well as on a personal level. So, in today’s musical environment of copycats and polished plastic recordings you can tell we’re super excited to be working with a band that is as unique as visionary!”

Mantar are currently working on the successor to 2014’s critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Death By Burning’. The band’s second full-length album will be entitled ‘Ode To The Flame’ and is tentatively scheduled for a spring 2016 release.

Ever since their inception in 2013 and the release of their first album in 2014, the band has been recognised as one of the hardest working in the German extreme metal underground. Melding the most sinister elements of styles like black metal, doom and punk, representing unfiltered pure primal rage, Mantar have proven to be one of a kind. Their extremely intense live shows have been seen all over the world and have blown away audiences with their extremely tight and brutal performances. Mantar is a pure evil elemental force, captured by two uber passionate artists that strife for ultimate raw sonic power.

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