Dear Journal: Phil Anselmo….where do I start???

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Okay, so this website is called MyGlobalMind and I love them for that. However, this reflects My Opinion ONLY – as my boss has allowed me a bit of space to talk about stuff which I see and only you folks understand, so I have no one else to share with but you.

Dear Journal:

1You know how I like Down right? Well That Guy that I can’t understand when he sings – got himself in trouble at Dimebash. Yeah, Dimebash – That’s right, Getcha Pull fella – yeah he’s dead. The proceeds were going to the Stand Up And Shout foundation. Yeah that’s right –Dio is dead from cancer. They were also celebrating Lemmy – Yeah he’s dead too.

So from what I have seen of Pantera videos and stuff like that, binge drinking seemed not only to be the norm, but it is expected of you.

Anyways… so at Dimebash That Guy at the end of the show went and did the Hitler salute and yelled “White Power”. Which is a complete dick move.

Wait – I forgot to say that the white power footage was released 4 days after the incident even though the guy who posted it had edited it out earlier. So Dear Journal, is that like time-lapsed judgement on racism or is this a guy who was trying to cash in on 21 seconds of a hot sloppy mess on stage acting out?


So then the Machine Head guy was upset about it. He seemed to be pretty well groomed for his rant on YouTube with indoor studded wristbands, perfect hair and did I mention his clothing brand on his chest? Yeah… so Machine Head guy goes on for about 11 minutes about the 21 seconds and makes all these wicked allegations against That Guy!

It gets so bad that Getcha Pull guy’s wife has to get involved to shut everyone up and down.

Apparently though, they weren’t done with That Guy.

One after the other people began to blame and shame and anything else they could do to That Guy. Then the fans of That Guy started to stick up for That Guy with anyone who feels like fighting. Big drama for 12 days now. Almost like a circle pit at a show except it never ends – not even for pee breaks.

The one guy claimed he saved That Guy’s life from a Pomeranian hoarder. So whew!

2The guy with the Getcha Pull guy beard from Anthrax, who is Jewish (although please note that Hitler did a lot of horrible shit to everyone – even women who look like me blond/fair/blue eyes), spoke his mind and made a suggestion, if I was to guess Dear Journal, would have been advised as well by his elders and possibly a rabbi. It was a good idea I thought. Education is a good way towards understanding.

Annnnnyyyyywaaaaays… so then blah blah blah all over the Internet. Then a Dutch festival cancels Down on their show bill – citing intolerance for That Guy’s bad behaviour.

Fair enough.

Oh, I forgot to say that when the 21-second video was posted That Guy typed on the YouTube page that he was not sorry. Then later, That Guy, I guess, must have really thought about it and (I think That Guy is also kinda stubborn so there’s that) made a video saying he was sorry.

4So I started to think of a situation I found myself in. Remember that time when you went to your sister’s first wedding? You were so sad that Dad was dead and couldn’t be there to give her away. Except you didn’t even know you were sad. You just knew you needed to hide your feelings behind 32 (yes hardcore here – they were coronas) beers before the church ceremony, which you cried through and then drank some more and lost your shoes? Remember how MAD everyone was at you saying you had ruined the wedding? All that guilt and shame and defensiveness you carried for so long?

So I’ve been thinking: “Why is That Guy so different than me? IS he different than me?”

Why is everyone hating on That Guy instead of looking further beyond the actions and ask themselves why? Why the fuck does a man who is admired by zillions of people act like that?

If it were me – it would be to keep everyone away so no one could see my real vulnerabilities (like abandonment issues because of dead people etc.) especially when everyone thinks I’m the fucking coolest.

What does my Mom say? “Gotta Save Face.”

So That Guy has apologized twice and has received some pretty hard-core punishment.

I’m very sad because people aren’t seeing what is really going on, not just about That Guy – but to us, as a society.

With depression and mental health issues at the hub of everyone’s PC factor – why doesn’t anyone cry foul about shaming That Guy so much, that now it seems downright unfair.

3I’m not sure what I’m getting at Dear Journal but I do know this. People can hate That Guy all they want. At the end of the day – if he is anything like me – he hates himself so much more than anyone ever could.

And really – whom do these people hate? Is it That Guy or is it because they just want to fight? Isn’t that what the Internet is – the Wild West?

I think That Guy is really sad for many reasons and the alcohol makes him sadder which makes him madder because he is vulnerable. So he acts out.

I am not excusing him or his actions. I am just trying to understand what’s inside of That Guy.

Pain I’m guessing.

Or he could just be a complete asshole and I’m wrong. That happens sometimes – not very often though.

Oh and by the way Dear Journal – My sister is divorced – so there’s that.

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