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Released by: Crown Jewel Records
Release date: Out Now

Line up:
Jason Sweeney – Vocals/bass,
Michael Fairbairn – Guitar/vocals,
Chris Gillon – Drums/vocals,

1. As They Burn
2. One of These Days
3. Addicted
4. Telegram
5. Ghost of You
6. Let’s Get Together
7. Until My Dying Day
8. All is Not Lost
9. The Bang of a Drum
10. Queen of Hearts

Having no prior familiarity with The King Lot, a chance encounter in the 100 Club in London – while they were playing support for the Dan Reed Network, got my full attention. They played an amazing acoustic set to an enthusiastic and responsive crowd who were clearly enjoying what they were hearing just as much as I was. As is the nature of support acts it was all too short in duration so luckily, later that night I got my hands on this gem of a CD.

As debut albums go, this one is pretty impressive. Being released early last year it had so far escaped my notice so I’m playing catch up here as the follow up album may be on its way very soon…

Opening track “As They Burn” is a hard hitting rock song with a melodic chorus that will leave you wanting more of the same. On the second track “One of These Days” I can hear echoes of other artists yet this band undoubtedly have a fresh original sound that couldn’t be easily comparable with anyone in particular.

The lead vocals and vocal harmonies on “Addicted” are fantastic. As well as the immense musical talented demonstrated by this Scottish rock three piece, they can all sing – amazingly.

Ghost of You was a definite highlight for me, lyrical and musical perfection, everything that is great about this band is clearly manifested in this stunning track. It gives way to the equally fantastic but dissimilar “Lets Get Together” which kicks off with heavy drums and guitar with vocals having a distinct a raw edge to them. The hard hitting beat just keeps rolling and it features an interesting drum/bass combo and striking vocals before the abrupt end.

“Until My Dying Day” and “All is Not Lost” are back to back stunning melodic rock ballads before the band regain their heavier momentum with “The Bang of a Drum”, it starts off with some fantastic guitar riffs by guitarist Michael Fairbairn and true to its name it features excellent hard hitting percussion by drummer Chris Gillon.

“Queen of Hearts” is the perfect Coda to this amazing album, a raw upbeat acoustic number, it showcases the strength of vocals by Lead singer Jason Sweeney who has a truly incredible voice.

A tight band with a big sound, this release is a collective of ten quality rock songs. The song writing is strong, the sound – a mixture of hard and melodic rock, the talent speaks for itself.
This is definitely one for the collection and having already toured with some big names I would highly recommend that you catch these guys on the road, whenever and wherever you can while they are still playing intimate venues…

Review: Karen Hetherington

Rating: 10/10

Jul 14 – Bannermans w/ Bigfoot, Mason Hill, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Jul 15 – DreadnoughtRock w/ Bigfoot, Mason Hill, Bathgate, United Kingdom

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