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Q5 “New World Order” Review

Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Released by: Frontiers Music Srl
Release date: July 08 2016

Line up:

Jonathan Scott K.: Vocals, Background Vocals
Rick Pierce: Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars
Dennis Turner: Rhythm Guitars, Lead Guitars, Background Vocals
Evan Sheeley: Bass Guitar, Backgr. Vocals
Jeffrey Mccormack: Drums And Percussion, Background Vocals

Track List:

1. We Came Here To Rock
2. One Night In Hellas
3. The Right Way
4. New World Order
5. Tear Up The Night
6. Halfway To Hell
7. A Prisoner Of Mind
8. Unrequited (A Woman Of Darkness And Steel)
9. Just One Kiss
10. Fear Is The Killer
11. Land Of The Setting Sun
12. A Warrior’s Song
13. Mach Opus 206 (Instrumental)
14. Get Next To You (Bonus Track)

In the history of all music, there are stories of success and triumph and bitter failure and defeat...

…For the bands that make it, it is a rare gift, and should never be taken for granted, nor should it be an indicator that a band that makes it is truly the best out there of that genre. For every band that “makes it,” there are multitudes of bands struggling on the local scene, some of which are better than the ones you know about. It’s just the luck of the draw, catching on at the right time by the right person or people, catching on with music fans at the precise moment it is “your time.” There was a great band in the early 80’s hailing from Seattle, that released a couple of albums that have gone on to become well respected in the hard rock community, yet the band never achieved any significant impact on the scene. That band is Q5 and with the albums Steel the Light and When the Mirror Cracks, cemented themselves in the pantheon of great melodic rock by collectors and treasure hunters of the genre. Due to personal issues and a falling out the band broke up before they could achieve the success they seemed on the verge to have.

Thirty years later and Q5 are finally releasing their third album, New World Order. Back with a vengeance, the band is burning it up with certainly the heaviest release of their career. Still melodic, yet going more for a harder rock edge, very reminiscent of Saxon, have not just returned to the world of music, but done so with a pretty amazing album. The songs pack such a punch, with driving riffs hearkening back to their early years yet updating their sound immensely. Vocalist Jonathan Scott K still has a strong voice, though it has matured with age, it’s inflected more with a bluesier style than his full on hard rock assault of old. Guitarist Rick Pierce is still nimble on the fretboard offering some tasty riffs and leads that certainly give this new album a swift kick into the 21st century while staying firmly planted in that 80’s style. Songs like “We Came Here To Rock,” “A Prisoner of Mind,” “Tear Up the Night,” and “Just One Kiss” fit nicely with their established catalog of killer tunes.

A 3o year period between albums isn’t very common, and the fact that the band, with only a couple of festival appearances and a couple guys working together on the Nightshade project, that they would so easily fall back into making another Q5 album as excellent as New World Order is proof of the caliber of talent found within the band. Q5 have stood the test of time and hopefully with the passion demonstrated by this album, will be around a lot longer. I give it 8 out of 10.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10


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